Product Review: Edge Body Renew Face & Body Shave Cream

He put the Beefaroni in his hand cart and suddenly said, “Do you have any idea how hard it is to shave with one eye?” Which was weird because we were still in the Beefaroni aisle.

“No, I don’t. I assume it would be difficult. How do you do it?”

“Slowly, to be sure,” he said. “But I also use this badass shit that you should try out. I helped you out with the Mini Ravioli, let me help you with this.”

I didn’t have anywhere to be, so I followed him to another aisle. Plus, it felt cool to be associated with a guy wearing an eye-patch in public.


Zoosk’s “Movember” Inspired Survey

During the month of November, thousands of men around the world will grow mustaches as part of Movember., the romantic social network, conducted surveys among nearly 8,500 of its members around the globe to gather their thoughts on facial hair. Here are some of the Zoosk survey findings…

  • Hairy nation – 64% of American men say they have facial hair.
  • The #1 reason men grow facial hair? 40% of men say it gives them more confidence.
  • The goatee wins as the preferred form of facial hair among American women.
  • Women say the “soul patch” is the least-preferred form of facial hair.
  • 63% of American women say that they would be more open to romance with a man who grew facial hair for a worthy cause.
  • 50% of women say that Johnny Depp sports the best facial hair.
  • 45% of men think Sean Connery has the best facial hair.

Zoosk is the romantic social network that helps members create and share their romantic journeys, with millions of members from around the globe enjoying the service each month. Check the site here.


Dollar Shave Club

This is a great promo video for this new product/service. If you want more than one blade you’ll be paying more than $1 per month, but this idea is pretty cool. Check out for more info.


10 Methods for Removing Unwanted Body Hair from Shave magazine

Removing unwanted body hair.

Men have been at a bit of a disadvantage since we started grooming our body hair. We just don’t know what we’re doing when it comes to removing hair below the neck. Luckily, the guys at Shave magazine have our backs. They’ve put together 10 methods for removing that unwanted body hair.

Here’s a quick preview:


Using tweezers is ideal for getting rid of the odd stray hair anywhere on the body or for tidying up certain areas where there is not much body hair in the first place. However, tweezing can be painful, and like most forms of hair removal, ingrown hairs are a possibility. Additionally, because tweezing requires you to remove one hair at a time, it is not a worthwhile form of hair removal for those wishing to get rid of a large area of hair. Before tweezing, it is worth having a hot shower or splashing warm water over the desired area in order to open the pores of the skin and thus facilitate hair removal and reduce pain. When tweezing a hair out, pull gently in the direction of hair growth so as to reduce the risk of ingrown hairs or skin irritation.


Threading is actually one of the oldest methods of body hair removal and involves rolling twisted threads over hairlines to remove unwanted hair. It is a difficult technique that takes practitioners many months to perfect, so you likely won’t be doing this alone or at home. It is inexpensive, fast and slightly uncomfortable but requires a very skilled practitioner. Unfortunately, threading only works on flat surfaces and removes hair in straight lines, making it more suitable for the face and other small regions and unsuitable for larger or curved regions.

For the other 8 body hair removal methods, head over to Shave magazine.


The Chinstrap Beard – Perfect For Summer

a877f777c257ad0a579a1b7e69d72a6d Hairstyles Pictures   Very Cool Short Hairstyles for Men with Fade Style in Spring Season

There’s just something weird about being completely unshaven in the summertime. On your face I mean, Wisenheimer.  So, how about “The Chinstrap”?  It says, “Hey I’m here, let’s party ladies- Who wants a moustache burn??”

Because you don’t want anything too heavy either, like a “Garibaldi” or “Chin Curtain”. My friend Nick Wegman can grow one of these in 10 minutes. I, however, couldn’t grow one in my entire life span. And I am forever jealous.

A variation on “The Chinstrap” is the “Rap Video Standard”, popularized by the likes of R&B artist Jon B and “K-Fed” where the “Chinstrap” actually connects to the moustache and forms a goatee.

In the words of Beavis, “Damn we’re smooth.”


Beware The Unibrow

UnibrowDuring conversations at the office do you feel like people are staring at you while you’re talking, yet not listening or making eye contact? In some cultures the unibrow is viewed as an attractive feature, indicative of virility, like in Iran; no wonder we won’t let them have nukes.  Well, not in the US of A, buddy. Nothing will make you a social outcast faster than not maintaining and trimming the hair above your nose, between your eyes.

Here are a few tips on how to eradicate your unibrow and how to maintain your eyebrow hair in general.


King of Shaves delivers!

If your purchasing or just surfing for men’s shaving online most likely you’ve heard of King of Shaves. I exchanged some emails from their team and decided to review some of their products. I really liked how the shave gel, face balm and razor were packaged into a clear plastic container that is perfect for air travel.

We first tested the AphaGel Shave Gel for Sensitive Skin and we felt the quality in this product when first applied. The ShaveGel is Dermatologically tested without any fragrance. The company claims the low-foam formula helps protect, moisturize and lubricate your skin throughout the shave giving excellent razor performance and glide. Ideal for sensitive skin and we found that to be true.

Next up was the razor that came with the travel kit. The razor works like a charm and has the award winning Azor System Razor which features unique flexible hinges that allow the four long-lasting Endurium blades to follow every contour of your face whilst pressing the blades progressively closer onto the skin for a superbly comfortable yet close shave. I then went right to the King of Shaves Face Balm which employs a unique Skin Surface Enhancing technology, with Hydrocreatine to protect, moisturise and condition your skin leaving it non-greasy, supple and smooth. Formulated with menthol to give you a cool, refreshed feel. I foind this to be one of the better after shave balms I have tried and the price is very reasonable.

For my next shave I tried the King of Shaves Shave Oil which protects, moisturizes and lubricates your skin throughout the shave giving superlative razor performance and glide. Your face will be left smooth, supple and moisturized. Up to 100 shaves from one bottle is no joke for small a small travel friendly package. I really enjoyed this product and I’m using it today as it really soothes your face and delivers one of the best shaves you could image. Top notch!

Overall the products we tested from King of Shaves were of high quality, practical and packaged properly.


The Barbershop Raneaissance in New York (and elsewhere)

The New York Times has a great article on the barbershop trend on how it’s sweeping Lower Manhattan in New York City.

“As soon as I saw the place, I felt this deep, inner yearning,” he said. “It’s very striking, with these red barber chairs and this fantastic photo-mural. And it’s rare to see well-dressed, well-groomed men cutting the hair of equally well-dressed guys.”

He was convinced that he’d found the spot where he could get the short, early-1960s-model haircut — complete with a neat side part — that he had wanted for years. And he was right.

Moreover, Mr. Chirico, 26, discovered what other young men in New York have begun to notice in recent months: In the city’s more style-conscious ZIP codes, there has been a renaissance of that much-loved old neighborhood standby, the barbershop.

Proving Fran Lebowitz’s oft-cited dictum that “you’re only as good as your last haircut,” authentic-looking barbershops have popped up all over lower Manhattan. Done up with, say, vintage lighting fixtures, antique barber chairs and, of course, a big glass jar of blue Barbicide on the counter, they are offering good, solid haircuts and shaves for less than half the price of a fancy salon cut. And in a kind of tonsorial version of chicken-or-the-egg, their arrival is perfectly timed, coinciding with the twin desires among urbane young men to tame their unruly locks and look neater and sharper from the neck up, and do it in all-American, gentlemanly, modestly priced fashion, far from the salon smells of peroxide and perfume.

The article points out that there’s a wide variety of barbershops in the city but that many of them can be found in lower Manhattan.

As we know very well, however, this trend goes far beyond New York, and the interest in vintage shaving methods is expressed in more ways than just the resurgence of traditional barbershops.

On eBay, according to a spokeswoman, there’s been a surge of interest in vintage shaving, grooming and barbershop paraphernalia. In comparing a two-week period earlier this month with a two-week period six months ago, she said sales of merchandise returned by the search term barbershop were up 77 percent, sales of Barbicide were up 60 percent, and sales of items found by searching for the words vintage barbershop sign were up 251 percent. On Amazon, archaic devices like straight razors and safety razors, and grooming products (including mustache wax and combs) from Gilded-Age-y brands like Edwin Jagger and Colonel Conk have been selling so well that Amazon created a special category — “classic shave” — to showcase them all. Charles Kirkpatrick, the executive officer of the National Association of Barber Boards of America, said that the number of licensed barbers had grown roughly 10 percent in the last two years, to 245,000 from 225,000.

These are trends that we’re happy to celebrate.


Brother, can you spare some style?

Keep up your grooming routine during tough times.

In tough economic times it can be hard to justify the kind of pampering you might be used to. You might be tempted to cut back, scrimping on products that are vital to a man’s daily routine. You don’t have to turn your back on a good grooming routine, though, and if you’re looking for work, you might even want to increase your grooming budget. Looking your best doesn’t have to break the bank, though.

Will Harris put it this way in his latest Gillette Pro series at the Bullz-Eye Blog:

…we’ve already discussed in a previous column about how guys tend to buy a razor and stick with it for the long haul, so just go ahead and invest in Gillette’s new Fusion ProGlide and get it over with. First and foremost, it proves an awesome shave, but more importantly in this instance, odds are that you won’t feel the urge to replace it until well after you’ve found gainful employment again. As for your shaving gel and any of the other products with which you prefer to pamper your face, start scouring the Sunday papers for coupons as well as fliers for sales at your neighborhood drug store or pharmacy. If you keep your eyes open, the odds of you having to pay full price for these amenities drop significantly.

For more tips on keeping your clean look through tight times, read the full article at the Bullz-Eye Blog.


Take My Wife, Please (Just Leave My Razor)

Gillette Fusion Proglide.“Women are more high maintenance than men to begin with, so it stands to reason that they’d be that way about their shaving!” That’s a lady’s perspective for you, gentleman. Will Harris at the Bullz-Eye Blog took a look at the differences between the shaving habits of men and women and got some interesting perspective from a woman in the know – his wife!

Try to imagine a guy walking into a grocery store or pharmacy, looking through the dozens of shaving creams and gel and selecting one based on color, scent, and other chemical attributes, then looking at the specific properties of the razors, then contemplating the type of moisturizer to use afterwards. I’m not saying that guys don’t do all of those things – a lot of us certainly do – but if you checked the average amount of time each gender spends on the selection process, the time spent by women is a heck of a lot longer.

We certainly do things differently. Read more about the differences between men and women’s shaving habits at the Bullz-Eye Blog.


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