The Growth Of James Harden’s Beard (GIF)

Today, check out this cool GIF (submitted via a user on Reddit) that details the growth of the most famous facial hair in the NBA and potentially in the world of sports.

And yes, I’m including Los Angeles Dodgers relief pitcher Brian Wilson in that statement, as his beard has gotten progressively weirder, (detailed nicely by Yahoo here) to the point where it now looks like a muskrat dipped in motor oil.


Zoosk’s “Movember” Inspired Survey

During the month of November, thousands of men around the world will grow mustaches as part of Movember., the romantic social network, conducted surveys among nearly 8,500 of its members around the globe to gather their thoughts on facial hair. Here are some of the Zoosk survey findings…

  • Hairy nation – 64% of American men say they have facial hair.
  • The #1 reason men grow facial hair? 40% of men say it gives them more confidence.
  • The goatee wins as the preferred form of facial hair among American women.
  • Women say the “soul patch” is the least-preferred form of facial hair.
  • 63% of American women say that they would be more open to romance with a man who grew facial hair for a worthy cause.
  • 50% of women say that Johnny Depp sports the best facial hair.
  • 45% of men think Sean Connery has the best facial hair.

Zoosk is the romantic social network that helps members create and share their romantic journeys, with millions of members from around the globe enjoying the service each month. Check the site here.


The Hipster Moustache Is BACK


Reports out of Chicago have indicated the “Hipster Moustache” is BACK. People who don’t even know who Rollie Fingers is are biting his style at unprecedented levels. Young white males have been swallowed up in a trend of El Nino proportions.

If you feel something scrape against your shoulder, car, bed, etc., DON’T turn around; the “Hipster Moustache” thrives on eye to eye contact and sees it as a challenge. Instead, stand completely still and let the “Hipster Moustache” pass, on its way to get another tattoo of a toaster, or dripping ice cream cone or something else that makes no sense whatsoever and will only be regretted later.


Your Face Needs An Upgrade

Classic Hair

Tired of the same boring facial hair you’ve been rocking for an extended period of time, yet don’t want to do anything too extreme? Take a gander at these “Timeless Facial Hair Styles” for a few ideas that won’t “rock the boat”, but will re-energize your face.
Don’t know what a “Short Circle Beard” is? Well, welcome to manhood, son! And get your mind out of the gutter because it’s nothing like a “Boston Pancake”, how dare you even suggest that?!


James Harden’s Beard Keys Thunder Victory

Yesterday, the Oklahoma City Thunder advanced to the Western Conference Finals with a 105-90 victory in game seven over the Memphis Grizzlies. As a key reserve and generally the Thunder’s first player of the bench, James Harden’s beard scored 17 points (most of it via four three pointers he nailed), collected four rebounds, had four steals. And in the process throughout the series, he made it cool to have a beard again. For everything that Brawny paper towels tried to do by replacing the iconic “Brawny Man” and limiting his beard, James Harden’s beard is single handedly reversing the trend.


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