Product Review: Dollar Shave Club


You down with DSC? Yeah, you know me! To be honest, in the beginning, Dollar Shave Club intimidated me.

“It can’t be that simple, can it? But I’m so used to getting completely reemed every time I need to buy a new cartridge of razors. How will I feel inside?” It was sort of like going to the DMV and they were suddenly serving ice cream or some shit, saying “Hi” to you, asking about your day…

I was so used to being degraded by the corporate razor entities that somehow I lost my self worth in the process, dawg.

But Dollar Shave Club restored me. And here’s how it works.


Dollar Shave Club Is Back! Let’s Talk About “#2”

Why do you need a “butt wipe”? Because you’re not an animal, sir.

The solution? One Wipe Charlie. The softest, fastest way to wipe your ass.

“Reach Around For A Deeper Clean”, indeed. Watch the video and tell me you don’t need a butt wipe.

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