Men’s Essentials: Grooming & Hair Kit Edition 101


There’s a lot that can be said about a man with a stylish long beard and slick hairstyle. It takes work and dedication to grow a full-on beard and just as equal commitment to growing one’s hair for styling. It becomes uncomfortable at first looking in the mirror with a hint of despair in your eye as all corners of your face become a fluffy ball of fur.

Without a proper grooming kit and the right products, a man’s facial hair can quickly grow out of control and start looking like Gandalf the Grey in the space of a year. However, with a grooming kit, it’s possible to completely change a man’s appearance just by styling and trimming his beard.

Grooming Kit 101

It is common for all men to go through a stage in their lives when they start growing facial hair and when that day comes, you want to be prepared with a men’s grooming kit. Here is everything you will need to have.

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Stephen Miller mocked for his fake hair on Sunday talk show

Here’s some simple advice – don’t use spray on hair lol . . .


Evolution of Justin Turner’s beard

Turning into Grizzly Adams lol


Aaron Rodgers sports his new stache

This is either lame or glorious . . . we can’t decide . . . lol.


Lebron goes with the bald look

And Twitter goes crazy . . .

It’s a good look for him!


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