New Video: Muggsy Bogues + AXE

AXE is highlighting the creative thinking guys do in the shower with the new AXE Shower Thoughts video series.

Starting today, fans can see the first of three AXE Shower Thoughts videos, which features pro basketball icon Muggsy Bogues showing there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to brilliance on the court.

In the subsequent videos, actor/musician/YouTube personality Chester See discovers that the tuba is the coolest instrument around, while Pretty Little Liars regular Brendan Robinson shows how standout style can make all the difference.


First Date Survival Kit from Axe and Philips Norelco

Axe And Philips Norelco First Date Survival Kit

On a first date with a hot babe, whether you’re five or 85, you’ve got to use everything in your arsenal to seal the deal.

Axe and Philips Norelco have your back, so you can “make love, not war.”

57% of women said “Sexy Stubble” is the most popular look, followed by clean-shaven at 31%. Philips Norelco and AXE have teamed up to create a line of awesome shaving and grooming tools.

The first component of the survival kit is the AXE Smooth Things Over Face Wash. Even if you are the smoothest man in the world, with a can of smoothness on the ready, AXE will help you prep your skin with the unique Peace fragrance.

Number two (“Who does number two WORK FOR?!) is the AXE Smooth Things Over Shave Gel, made for a clean shave or for tidying up below your neck area.

Numero tres is the AXE Philips Norelco Shave & Groom kit. AXE & Norelco will double team your face like Dennis Rodman and Jean-Claude Van Damme. All in the name of cutting every hair on your body smoove off.

Number four like Brett Favre and his “Weinergate” scandal, lets you trim your stubble perfectly with up to 20 settings. You can go from Tank Abbott to a Scott Disick in five milliseconds.

Axe and Philips Norelco have done all they can to set you up for the most sexually progressive night of your life. But getting laid is your job – and we’re rooting for you.

For more information, follow this link. 


Product Review: Old Spice Re-Fresh Body Spray


Ever since I saw the first Old Spice “Mom Song” video, I have been praying to my non-denominational Spray God every night, asking (begging) that one of the smell technicians at Old Spice reach out to me for a product review of their new Re-Fresh Body Spray. In the meantime, I used an old bottle of Fiji shower gel to feel like I was part of the movement, to show I was “down,” i.e. the way gang members have to “do dirt” to be accepted into a particular gang or sect. And it paid off.

Old Spice reached out, but just like in gang life, they wanted something from me.  Even though I killed that drifter (needlessly, as it turned out) to peg my “real-a-meter” into the red, what they really needed from me was to recruit more members who cover their members in body spray. After all, 67% of guys who use body spray aren’t using it correctly.

I blame AXE for the cavalier spray techniques that have been developed, because after those ads, you thought the only way to apply body spray was via Spray Cloud. I seriously didn’t think “too much” existed in the body spray vernacular.

Read the full review here.


Bullz-Eye reviews the new look of AXE

AXE was kind enough to send the boys at Bullz-Eye some of their newest body scrubs. AXE has long been the go to brand for discerning guys on a budget. The company has reworked two of its most popular scrubs, Twist and Snake Peel.

Here’s what the guys at Bullz-Eye had to say:

AXE Twist sports a new improved fragrance that starts with with exciting freshness which then lasts to keep you in the game all day and all night. As they say “Use AXE Twist because a good first impression isn’t enough, you need to keep her inrigued”. I found the ultra lather with super fragrances had me feeling clean and refreshed.

AXE Snake Peel Shower Scrub also sports a new look but maintains the Desert Minerals and Cactus Oil that will clean your skin like never before. If you’re feeling more than a little dirty AXE Snake Peel shower scrub with deep cleans and exfoliates to remove dirt and dry skin. I used Snake Peel daily and never felt cleaner and believe me when I tell you that this stuff really works.

For more about the AXE line of body scrubs, head over to the Bullz-Eye Blog.


Enter to win AXE products and a football signed by Sam Bradford

Sam Bradford AXE contest.

Throughout his college career, Sam Bradford was known for shaggy locks. The St. Louis Rams quarterback recently let AXE take a pair of clippers to his head, giving him a buzzed look to help launch the the AXE ‘Buzzed Look’ hair cream.

As part of the product launch, Bullz-Eye is giving away an AXE prize pack. To enter the contest and view the full list of prizes, head over to the Bullz-Eye Facebook page or check out the official contest page. Alongside the AXE products, our lucky winner will receive a football signed by the 2010 number 1 overall draft pick, Sam Bradford.


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