Riding shotgun with Speed Stick driver Cole Whitt and Playboy’s April Rose at Talladega


Confidence opens doors that nothing else can. But confidence can also be misplaced. How do you know if the shirt you’re wearing is completely ridiculous until you actually wear it outside the house? Thanks to Speed Stick, at least I had confidence in my underarm scent.

But confidence was definitely not lacking for driver Cole Whitt. Even though Front Row Motorsports is at a distinct disadvantage, operating on one-eighth the budget of its competitors and Whitt’s highest previous finishing position this season a modest 22nd, Whitt was ready.

A Top 20 finish at Talladega would’ve meant a lot, as Cole explains in our interview below, shot immediately before the race. But Whitt was able to #DefyTheDoubt and lead the entire field with under 40 laps remaining en route to his best performance this season. Speed Stick is all about giving you confidence for the moment you shut down the naysayers, as Whitt did finishing a career-best 13th in the race.

I got a little excited during my interview, and it isn’t completely my fault – there’s so much energy at a NASCAR race, it permeates the grounds and is as real as the guy with the Dale Jr. shirt on next to you.

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Three Days in LA: A 2013 ESPY Awards adventure

2013 ESPY Awards

Thanks to Clear Men Scalp Therapy, I was fortunate enough to attend the ESPY Awards in Los Angeles last week.

I spent some quality time with the greatest tight end in NFL history, Tony Gonzalez, arguably the best running back of all-time, Adrian Peterson, and everyone’s favorite principal, Dennis Haskins aka Mr. Belding from “Saved By The Bell”.

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Check Out This Sweet “Menu Fort”

This guy’s Menu Fort puts the “Men” in “Menu”.

If you’ve ever been out out to eat with a woman, then you can relate to this dude in the picture. Sometimes, you just get tired of looking at them. Other times, you’re just tired of hearing about “their day” or the women they work with.

All this poor guy wants is some attention- does he have to SCREAM it from the rooftops? The pink shirt is attention grab #1. He’s trying to show his versatility as a dresser, plus, looking comfortable in the color pink, neatly hinting that he is pleased with his sexual prowess. And she could be, too.

The Menu Fort is just an extension of his “Inner Child”. And she’s still ignoring him, actively texting with, presumably, the man she will hook up with after her free meal.

If you just can’t win, make a Menu Fort and let it all just recede into the background….


People Judge You By Your Neck Hair

Dudes, it’s spring. For God’s sake, please tend to your personal neck hair situation ASAP.

The one thing all men have in common despite social status, height, favorite NFL team or favorite member of the “A-Team” (Murdock for me) is the fire breathing demon of neck-hair. And what this article postulates is that you are limited by or succeed in spite of your own personal neck hair situation.

A close female friend of mine told me that she uses a guy’s neck hair as a gauge for how much back hair he would potentially have and that she was hitting at an 85% clip.

Another female friend told me that if a guy doesn’t care about his neck hair, which is fully visible, imagine what the “non-visible” hair would look like.

Put simply, if your neck hair is out of control, people automatically assume that your life is out of control. And, it probably is, friend.

Lets look to popular culture for examples, starting with Kourtney Kardashian’s boyfriend on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Scott Disick.

You may not like him, but one thing you have to say is that he is impeccably well-groomed and probably has his neck hair removed via laser every couple weeks. And that is why he has a ton of money, a sweet car, and has impregnated a Kardashian that isn’t Khloe.

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Gatorade’s New “Fixation” Ad Featuring Kevin Durant and Dwyane Wade Released

In this Gatorade spot for it’s new product “Fixation”, Kevin Durant dreams that Dwyane Wade is swatting him at the rim in a tense situation, while across the country, D Wade is dreaming that “Durantula” is dunking on him in the exact same scenario.

So was it even a dream? And, is it possible that both scenarios actually took place, in a parallel reality where OKC beat the Heat in the 2012 NBA Finals and the Thunder are coming off of a loss to the Bulls, completing the second longest winning streak in NBA history?

In either reality, Gatorade’s “Fixation” is available for consumption, check it out here.


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