Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo and Old Spice working to end “overspraying epidemic”

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There’s a war going on that you may not even know about. We hear a lot about world events like missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, Syria and the Middle East. But one thing we don’t hear about is the overspraying epidemic that exists for 75% of guys.

Patriots All-Pro linebacker Jerod Mayo and Old Spice have teamed up to teach men how to scent responsibly and stop this epidemic the way Mayo stopped Ravens tight end Dennis Pitta in the 2013 AFC Championship.

“I’m actually on my way now to educate young guys at Boston University to teach them how to scent responsibly,” said Mayo, concern evident in his voice.

“They know how to drive responsibly, and do other things responsibly. It’s all about scenting responsibly in 2014. I’m very excited to help end the overspraying epidemic that’s happening now.”

One reason the problem has reached epidemic levels is ignorance; 68% of guys admit that no one had ever showed them how to apply body spray properly.

The first step is acceptance — realizing that you have an overspraying problem and then taking the necessary steps to move forward.

Mayo, Captain of the Patriots defense, is here to call out your defensive spray audible.

“There’s some rules you have to abide by. First off, it starts with a shower. You have to take a shower with your Old Spice gel. That helps gets the pores open so you can put on the Old Spice Refresh Body Spray. But the thing about Refresh is that you don’t need too much of it.”

Read the full interview here.


Patriots Season Over, Now Things Get “Hairy” For Welker

After an uninspired loss to the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship game, the Patriots face a slew of huge personnel decisions, but none bigger than what to do with wide receiver Wes Welker.

Welker famously began promoting a hair rejuvenation procedure called “hair restoration surgery” he undertook prior to the season to restore his hair.

Now that his hair situation is solid, where will he play next year? Fresh off receiving the Franchise Tag for this season, it is unlikely he would get tagged again next year for  roughly $11 million. But, at 32, is a long term deal in the works?

I’ve always found it interesting that Tom Brady and his perfect hair relied on Welker so frequently. In the hair hall of fame, Brady would be a first ballot inductee. But he wouldn’t have gotten there without Welker.

No matter what happens, Welker is a multi- million”hair” with great hair. He will be fine. But can we say the same about the Patriots?


Wes Welker And The Science Of Hair Transplants

A month ago New England Patriots star wide receiver Wes Welker announced he had undergone a cutting edge procedure to fight the effects of male pattern baldness called hair transplant surgery.

Recently we spoke with Dr. H. Rahal, owner of Rahal Hair Transplants about the specifics of the procedure and what men can do to prevent thinning hair.


BSB- What is “Hair Restoration Surgery”?

Dr. Rahal- “Hair Restoration Surgery” could also be called “Hair Relocation Surgery”, as it involves taking hairs from one area of the head and moving them to another. Most men who are suffering from hair loss will retain hair at the back and sides of their head. We call this the “safe zone”. This is the donor area and we extract hairs from here and implant them into the zones where hair has been lost. We only implant individual follicles in their natural groupings of one, two, three and occasionally four hairs. This ensures that the result looks and feels totally natural.

How did you get involved with the science of men’s hair loss?

My brother had a hair transplant procedure in the early nineties. The result wasn’t great and got me thinking about how the technology could be improved. I’ve been performing hair restoration since 1995 and, yes, my brother is a patient of mine!

What is the most ridiculous “old wives tale” you have ever heard about why men lose their hair/a way to regrow it? Does massaging the scalp while laying upside down help at all?

I believe a lot of people tried that back in the 80s. It doesn’t work as the root cause of hair loss is genetic. There are a lot of myths out there regarding hair loss and a lot of people claiming to have miracle cures. One in particular that stands out is the claim that rubbing your finger nails together can help you regrow hair and stop it going gray.

Why do some men lose their hair and some do not? What bearing does your father’s hairline have on yours?

Genetics is the main cause of male pattern hair loss but it’s difficult to predict and no single family member can indicate your own potential for losing hair. Looking at the general picture of how much hair loss is seen within your family can give some indication in how likely you are to lose hair and how far that hair loss might advance.

How much does stress cause hair loss? How about diet or exercise?

A healthy lifestyle helps keep hair healthy, but many hair loss sufferers take their health seriously but continue to lose hair, so unfortunately making wise lifestyle choices alone is not enough. Stress can play a part in the onset of hair loss and there are conditions, such as Telogen effluvium, where hair loss is directly related to emotional or physical stress. That’s why it’s important to consult a physician to determine the cause of your hair loss.

How is a hair transplant different from hair plugs? Is there a difference?

Technology has come a long way since the days of hair plugs and while the basic principle of moving hair is the same, the methods we use and the results we achieve are on a different level. Hair plugs are very conspicuous and they draw attention. This is why so many people continue to associate hair transplant surgery with hair plugs. When something about a person’s appearance doesn’t look natural the human eye can spot this very easily. A great hair transplant is a combination of the latest refined surgical techniques and the artistry of planting hairs so that their position and angulation appear completely natural – on the level of the individual follicles and when viewed as a complete design.

What is the success rate? Is there a chance the hair transplant won’t be successful?

With any surgery there is a chance that the outcome won’t completely meet expectations. There are physiological factors which are hard to predict. However, we typically achieve a growth rate of 95-99%. We also  offer a ‘Growth Guarantee” as part of our commitment to patient satisfaction, where we will replace any non-growing hair transplant graft free of charge.

How long does it take to see results?

Transplanted hairs begin to grow at roughly three months after surgery. Typically a patient will notice a significant improvement by around five months with the result continuing to improve until 12-15 months after the procedure.

What makes it superior to other methods?

Hair transplants are the only permanent solution to hair loss.


How does it compare in success rates to the use of Rogaine or Propecia? How does the procedure differentiate itself from those popular methods?

Many people benefit greatly from using treatments like Propecia and Rogaine, but these drugs are mainly successful in preventing further loss of hair. I highly recommend that patients use these treatments, but in most cases hair transplant surgery is the only way that a significant amount of hair can be restored.

Are there any side effects?

There are no side effects to hair restoration surgery.

Is there any way to prevent hair loss from starting in your younger years, if you are afraid you may be in line for future hair loss based on genetics?

People who believe that they might have the genetic predisposition should check their hair regularly, but not obsessively, and consider treatment if or when hair loss begins.

I recently heard and interesting theory, that hair loss was akin to a fungus or a cancer caused by an external force rather than internal genetics/heredity? Could this possibly be considered as true?

There are lots of wild theories out there but I think you can discount this one as untrue.

For more information, visit Dr. Rahal’s website here.


Best Super Bowl Haircut – Tiquan Underwood

I don’t know what I like better- the Hi-Top Fade, or the Patriots logo shaved into the back of his head. Underwood, listed at 6-1, is closer to 6-6 with his hair.

The only thing cooler would be if Tom Brady rocked a Patriots logo on his dome. But we all know, Giselle wouldn’t allow it.

BarberShopBlog prediction- Patriots 34, Giants 20. Tom Brady wins and may be the best QB ever.


5 Napkin Burger – Superbowl Cocktails Around the Country

The big game is only a few days away and to celebrate the Super Bowl rematch of four years ago, 5 Napkin Burger has created the “Hornitos Bowl” competition at all five of their locations (NYC, Boston, Atlanta and Miami). Will The Redemption (for the Patriots) be the most ordered cocktail of the week or will Deja Blue (For the Giants) take reign again?   Only 5 Napkin goers will decide, and the winning cocktail will be revealed on Monday morning after the big game.  

The “Hornitos Bowl” was started as a fun way to create new cocktails both priced at $10 a piece on the 5 Napkin Burger menu.  The Hornitos Bowl begins today and will continue through the end of the Super Bowl on Sunday night.   

Participating Locations
NYC – Hell’s Kitchen
630 9th Avenue (@45th Street)
NYC – Upper West Side
2315 Broadway (@84th Street)
NYC – Astoria
35-01 36th Street (@35th Avenue)

Boston – Back Bay
105 Huntington Avenu

(Prudential Center)


Miami – South Beach
455 Lincoln Road


Atlanta – Midtown
990 Piedmont Ave NE



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