Patriots Season Over, Now Things Get “Hairy” For Welker

After an uninspired loss to the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship game, the Patriots face a slew of huge personnel decisions, but none bigger than what to do with wide receiver Wes Welker.

Welker famously began promoting a hair rejuvenation procedure called “hair restoration surgery” he undertook prior to the season to restore his hair.

Now that his hair situation is solid, where will he play next year? Fresh off receiving the Franchise Tag for this season, it is unlikely he would get tagged again next year for  roughly $11 million. But, at 32, is a long term deal in the works?

I’ve always found it interesting that Tom Brady and his perfect hair relied on Welker so frequently. In the hair hall of fame, Brady would be a first ballot inductee. But he wouldn’t have gotten there without Welker.

No matter what happens, Welker is a multi- million”hair” with great hair. He will be fine. But can we say the same about the Patriots?


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