Denver Broncos All-Pro Wes Welker talks Old Spice, Stingers and NOT Peyton Manning or Tom Brady


Wes Welker is a player that any fan can relate to, which is what makes him such a great pitch-man for Old Spice and the new “Unnecessary Freshness” campaign. But when you look at Welker’s career and laundry list of  accomplishments, it becomes apparent that you are looking at the body of work befitting a future NFL Hall of Famer.

Two Super Bowl appearances as a cog in the most productive offense in NFL history. Five Pro Bowls. League leader in receptions three times.  Most seasons with 100+ receptions in NFL history (5). Most receptions in Patriots history.

Welker even holds the Dolphins’ all-time records for total kickoff returns, kickoff return yardage and total punt returns. Only one player in NFL history, Gale Sayers, had more all-purpose yards in his first three NFL seasons than Welker did with the Dolphins. Legendary NFL head coach Marty Schottenheimer has called cutting Welker from the Chargers in 2004 “the biggest mistake (he) ever made.”

I spoke to Wes about his career and his experience working with Old Spice.

Wes, how the hell are you?

Good, good everything is great.

Right off the bat, I’m not going to ask you any questions about comparing Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, okay?

Okay, (laughing) sounds great man. I’ve had so many of those lately it’s almost normal.

You’ve played under some of the most noteworthy coaches in football history: Marty Schottenheimer, Nick Saban, Bill Belichick and now John Fox is in that pantheon too. Who did you learn the most from and whose style did you appreciate the most?

Oh man, I tell ya, I’ve learned so much from all of them. Marty, just how he was with the players and really getting g guys going, that being my first training camp, just how hard training camp was. And how tough it was, especially with an old school guy like him. It was really cool. There’s been a lot of great coaches along the line, but I think I’ve pulled something from all the coaches. From Belichick, I learned about preparation and the way he prepares his teams and the way he gets them ready is high up there. Coach Saban was along those same lines as well, definitely had some tough training camps down in Miami. And Coach Fox does a great job of keeping everyone in line and staying on top of everybody and gets the most out of everyone. It’s been cool to see all the different angles from all those coaches.

Read the full interview here.

For more information on the the official deodorant and body wash of the NFL, follow this link to the Old Spice Fresh Collection YouTube channel. Then, click here to enter for your chance to win a season’s worth of Old Spice Fresh Collection product and a Wes Welker autographed Broncos mini-helmet.


Best Super Bowl Haircut – Tiquan Underwood

I don’t know what I like better- the Hi-Top Fade, or the Patriots logo shaved into the back of his head. Underwood, listed at 6-1, is closer to 6-6 with his hair.

The only thing cooler would be if Tom Brady rocked a Patriots logo on his dome. But we all know, Giselle wouldn’t allow it.

BarberShopBlog prediction- Patriots 34, Giants 20. Tom Brady wins and may be the best QB ever.


Tom vs. Eli: Personal Style Edition

It’s “Super Bowl Week”, ladies and germs. And if I hear one more comparison between Eli Manning and Tom Brady, I’m going to vomit. So instead of comparing their playing styles, let’s compare their hair and personal style.

While watching (sleeping) the Pro Bowl last night, half time consisted of a Bob Costas led interview with Tom Brady and then Eli Manning.

“Tom Terrific” looked dapper as ever, sporting perfectly coifed hair to match a perfect grey suit, accented with a black and white checkered dress shirt with a perfect black tie, tied into a perfect “Windsor” knot.  Eli, meanwhile, had all the charm of an orphan with his overgrown, “mussed” hair and a cheap faux fleece pullover that looked like a $15 one from Old Navy that I own. Eli seemed disoriented, while “Tommy Ballgame” answered every question the way you want your son to answer every question when he grows up, even if you don’t have a son.

If the clash of wardrobes on Sunday night was any indication, the Patriots will roll.


Flacco’s Facial Hair- Cooler If Tom Brady Wore It?


Heading into Sunday’s AFC championship which the Ravens would eventually lose, starting QB Joe Flacco had been catching a lot of “flak” about his moustache. Erroneously reported as a “Handlebar Moustache” by numerous NFL TV experts (Rollie Fingers had to be furious), Flacco was actually sporting a “Fu Manchu” during the Ravens playoff run.

As a man, it’s important you know the difference. The “Fu Manchu”, while similar to the “Handlebar” is different because the Fu Manchu is grown only from the upper lip, whilst the sides remain clean shaven.

So it begs the question- if Tom Brady started sporting one, would it suddenly become “cool”?


Brady To Bieber Cut- “Never Say Never”

We know for sure that Tom Brady cut his hair. But thanks to a well-placed hat, we don’t know exactly what he’s got going on under there. How sweet would it be if he had Cornrows? Or a Mowhawk?

Just like David Patten, David Givens, Jabar Gafney or Randy Moss before Bieber, Tommy B. didn’t need the “Bieber” cut to make him. Which is why he “cut” ties with it. “Never Say Never”, Justin. You were a “passing” fad and your modified “Bowl Cut” wasn’t gonna bring him “Down To Earth”- the cut was a “One Time” thing. Now, you’ll just have to find “Somebody To Love.”


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