Men’s Essentials: Grooming & Hair Kit Edition 101


There’s a lot that can be said about a man with a stylish long beard and slick hairstyle. It takes work and dedication to grow a full-on beard and just as equal commitment to growing one’s hair for styling. It becomes uncomfortable at first looking in the mirror with a hint of despair in your eye as all corners of your face become a fluffy ball of fur.

Without a proper grooming kit and the right products, a man’s facial hair can quickly grow out of control and start looking like Gandalf the Grey in the space of a year. However, with a grooming kit, it’s possible to completely change a man’s appearance just by styling and trimming his beard.

Grooming Kit 101

It is common for all men to go through a stage in their lives when they start growing facial hair and when that day comes, you want to be prepared with a men’s grooming kit. Here is everything you will need to have.

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Evolution of Justin Turner’s beard

Turning into Grizzly Adams lol


Beer Cage Of Facial Hair Wins National Beard And Moustache Championships


This past weekend, the 6th annual National Beard and Moustache Championships, presented by the Traveler Beer Company, was held at Brooklyn’s King Theater. 300 beard and moustache groupies turned out from across the globe to compete in 18 categories.

But ONE MAN stole the show: veteran beardsman Eric Brooks donned a gigantic bird cage-style beard made entirely of the contestant’s facial hair — with a working cage door that opened up to allow him to chug an entire bottle of Illusive Traveler shandy, the National Beard and Moustache Championship sponsor product.

The Beer Cage was a nod to the above video “rumored” to have been staged in Los Angeles at The Groundlings improve stage in 1991, the same year Saddam decided to tangle with one general Norman Schwarzkopf Jr.


International German Beard and Moustache Championship

This video is awesome. And yes, there’s a specific musketeer category!


Sergio Rome’s Beard Vs. Brian Wilson’s Beard

Sergio Romo Sergio Romo #54 of the San Francisco Giants receives his World Series ring from managing partner Bill Neukom beofore his game against the St. Louis Cardinals  at AT&T Park on April 9, 2011 in San Francisco, California.

When Giants closer Brian Wilson went down with a torn right beard, Sergio Rome stepped up and became the team’s closer.

Not only did he fulfill the role of closer, but he also brought a badass beard to the table.

Whose beard is better- Rome’s or Wilson?


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