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Sometimes in the office, it’s difficult just to survive. For instance, when a hooded gunman is stalking your beloved “cube farm” with an AK-47, like in the picture above; we’ve all been there. Or, at least felt like it, thanks to a tight deadline or when we’ve mistakenly hooked up with a female co-worker on a whim the night before.

Even on days when you aren’t cowering behind a formica tabletop to save your hide, just getting to work on time can prove difficult. When running late for work, it’s easy to overlook personal grooming and hygiene in order to be on time to the office. Reviews, meetings, plans, and interactions also have a way of rearing their head at inconvenient times. In order to prepare for wildly unexpected situations,, the burn-free razor company, shares its office survival kit.

1.     Cut Those Hairs Down to Size – A few unruly neck hairs or a missed patch on your upper lip will have guys sweating bullets that someone will call them out for their missed razor stroke. A silky smooth razor with a thick lubricating strip in your desk, such as a razor from, will keep you razor-burn and hair free.

2.     Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff – Body odor can eat at you and the noses of your work neighbors. Instead of worrying about stress sweats, grab your deodorant and rub it on, in private, of course.

3.     Brush Away that Garlic Breathe – Oral hygiene plays a huge role in office interactions. While it may be a better idea to avoid potent foods that leave you gassy, having a new toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss is your best secondary line of defense.

4.     A Pair to Spare – A sweaty summer day, a stressful meeting, or an untimely rain storm all have ways to make a disaster out of our outfit! Keep a pair of extra socks, underwear, or a t-shirt nearby to keep you feeling fresh and looking neat.

5.     Dab It On – An accidental spill of coffee or food has a way of throwing off a guy’s appearance and mojo. Instead of soaking your clothing in the bathroom sink, keep a Tide To Go or other stain removing stick readily accessible to get your look and your attitude back into tip-top shape in no time. Man’s Guide to Packing Toiletries

For a guy, there are few things worse than reaching into a toiletry kit for an item and coming up short on the necessary essentials.  Whether it’s a trip to his significant other’s, “paratrooping” for a place to stay, or simply spending a night with friends, being unprepared can really dampen an overnight stay., the burn-free razor company, shares its top 6 items that no man’s overnight kit should be without.

1.     Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Floss – Oral hygiene is absolutely crucial. Not taking care of your teeth, tongue, and mouth is a sure fire way to scare away love interests and friends.  The only thing worse than a seed stuck in between your teeth is rancid morning breathe.

2.     Razors – If your name isn’t “wolfman,” you’re not going to grow a beard over night. However, unless you’re a meticulous shaver, you may have missed a strip on your face, jaw line, or down under. Ordering subscription-based razors from ensures you’ll always have high-quality, American-made razors ready to go.

3.     Corrective Lenses, Solution, Case – Sleeping with contact lenses in invites unsightly eye irritation. Be prepared with solution and a case to keep your eyes and lenses clean. When the contacts are out, avoid looking like a blind bat by bringing eyeglasses.

4.     Condoms – The Boy Scout’s motto “Be Prepared” is as important as ever when hanging out with a love interest. Nothing kills the mood like “I forgot one.”

5.     Q-Tips – No one wants to see that yellow crap coming out of your ears. Steal a minute in the bathroom and dig it out. Q-tips also come in handy for other needed cleaning exercises, such as removing belly-button lint.

6.     Deodorant & Cologne – Unless your natural musk is “Ironman” or “Extreme Blast,” don’t forget to bring deodorant and cologne to mask your manly, sweaty scent.

When out for the night, you can’t afford to forget anything within your toiletry kit! We hope you’ll share these tips from to safeguard against forgetful packing. Challenges Boston Red Sox To Tweak Their Beards for “Movember”

Boston-Red-Sox-Philip-Masiello, the burn-free razor company, today challenges the World Series champion Boston Red Sox players to help stand up to cancer and show their support by turning playoff beards into Movember mustaches for the entire month of November.

Movember is a month-long event that raises awareness for testicular cancer, prostate cancer, and mental health issues impacting men. Men around the world are challenged to grow a mustache and show their solidarity for this important cause.

“Let’s talk balls – testicles not baseballs”, said Philip Masiello, President of and a die-hard Yankees fan. “The Boston Red Sox showed they had the balls to win the World Series. Now, I challenge this Red Sox team to show they have the balls to raise awareness for cancer. If 10 players accept my challenge, I will personally drive razors up to Boston and help them shave their beards into mustaches on Monday. If they keep their mustaches through the month of November, will make a donation to the Movember charity in their names.”

Those that have survived prostate or testicular cancer are encouraged to share their stories at’s Facebook Page to help raise awareness and encourage others to get checked. In addition, challenges other businesses to get involved by rallying together to grow mustaches, encourage check-ups for early detection and donate to the Movember cause.

Says Masiello, “I encourage all men to get an exam, go to a clinic, see their doctor, do a self-exam—do whatever it takes to stay healthy and remove the stigma associated with testicular and prostate cancer!”

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