10 Essential Rules For Being A Gentleman In 2015


Not farting during sex will always be number one, but other than that, our friends at shirtsmyway.com have come up with the top 10 (socially accepted) Essential Rules For Being A Gentlemen In 2015.

Our favorite is #4, “Dress Like You Know What You Are Doing,” because outside of your clothes (or underneath), no one has any idea if you’re qualified for what you are doing, at all. Especially not the hot babes that you are perpetrating on.

And then, just as a general rule:

“Cut back on that Hatorade. It’s a resentful beverage that too many fools drink.”


The homies at shirtsmyway.com could also hook you up with some fly threads, “and let all the fly skimmies, feel the beat…mmm drop!


Paul George – NBA Fashion Fail

Paul George fashion fail

We’re huge fans of Paul George. For anyone who is sick of Lebron James and the Miami Heat, Paul George and the Indiana Pacers represent the best hope to stop the Heat from a three-peat. The Pacers are off to a great start and are gunning for the top seed in the East.

We recently saw Paul George when he appeared as a presenter at the 2013 Gatorade High School Player of the Year Awards where Andrew Wiggins was honored. below you can see our interview with him as he discussed the 2013/14 NBA season.

George is a great guy, but as you can see from the photo above he’s in desperate need of some good fashion advice. His haircut is perfect, and the glasses look pretty good on him unlike some of the Urkel glasses worn by some other NBA players. But the rest of his attire is just hilarious. The pink pants and the studded shoes look like they’re part of a practical joke. Some NBA players like Dwyane Wade have come up with worse outfits, but this one is pretty bad. The overall NBA nerd look isn’t that bad and is certainly better than the droopy pants look, but some of the guys take things too far. Here George needs to tone things down a bit.


How to get the James Bond Style


James Bond is an icon to both men and women, even to this day, more than 40 years after the first film was released. We still love his style! This is not just about his sharp dress sense, no this is about each aspect of his cool and calm demeanour; from his sharp suits all the way through to his attitude towards life, he is the epitome of chilled out. This is the exact reason that many of us want to take a leaf out of Bond’s book and turn towards his outlook for our lives. The question is, how do we do this? Here is your definitive guide to turning on the charm, James Bond style.

Learn how to play the tables

We all know that Bond has an infinity to the casino lifestyle; from playing the games to ordering those Martinis from the bar. This is why a night at the casino could make you feel like the next 007, but firstly you need to learn how to play the game as Bond rarely looses. There are hundreds of classic games to choose from, like Roulette, Poker and slots games but remember that Bond is a classic man so you need to choose wisely with this in mind.

Before you enter the casino, make sure you have done your homework about the game that you have chosen. Look into strategies, how other people have beaten the odds and how you will do the same. Once you have all the information before you, then you could be the next big winner but not before you have got the perfect outfit for your night.

Look the part to feel the part

James Bond is always immaculately dressed, whether he be wearing a sharp tailored suit or a relaxed afternoon shorts suit; he is the perfect representation of style. So as part of your casino experience, you also need to dress the part and that all starts with the suit. Let’s face it, it couldn’t be any other outfit really and this will be where you can really take on the Bond persona. For a night at the casino tables, fighting off the bad guys – at least metaphorically – you will need a tuxedo, or a blending between a traditional suit with hints of tux luxury.

The color you choose is entirely up to you, but nothing says it better than black, however adding a hint of bold color will add in your own personality as well as channeling your inner Bond. So add in your own personality to a black suit with a bold colored tie and comber band.

Look at the food and drink during the evening

It is a well known fact that James Bond will only drink Martini shaken not stirred; well that is until the last Bond film when he does sport a bottle of beer. Now, if you are looking for an evening that doesn’t involve alcohol, especially if you are driving, then head for a non alcoholic cocktail as nothing screams decadence and Bond more than a cocktail. You should team this with a trip to the casino restaurant if there is one. If there isn’t then planning in where you are going to eat in advance is advised, especially if you are taking a special date with you.


Brown Belt With Black Shoes- Seriously?

On its face it looked like a normal outfit- a smart black polo, tucked neatly into an equally black pair of “Chaps” pants. But that was while he was sitting down, his outfit obscured by a well-placed table top.

Suddenly, he stood up to corral a beverage from the bar and his fashion sin became obvious.

One so heinous, so egregious, a sin to outweigh all other combined it cannot be overlooked. And that sin is wearing a brown belt with black shoes. There is nothing on earth that looks more dorky, even wearing an “Alf” shirt.

How old are you, sir? Old enough to know better.


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