Yankees make Clint Frazier cut his hair

This seems silly. The Yankees made young outfielder Clint Frazier cut his long hair, calling it a “distraction.”


Tom Brady catches grief for his new haircut

Tom Brady’s haircut is catching a lot of attention on social media. The most common insult is that he looks like he’s in junior high school.


World Cup 2010 worst haircuts

The 2010 World Cup has been a who’s who of men with terrible haircuts. It’s so bad that the Telegraph has put together a gallery to catalogue the worst of the worst, and let me tell you, they are bad.

Djibril Cissé is always among the worst and this year is no different. That hair is completely ridiculous. For more pictures, check out the full gallery at the Telegraph.


Kurt Kueffner’s MENSDEPT. offers men a salon to call home

Kurt Kueffner in his salon, MENSDEPT.The modern world is still struggling to offer men a salon to call home. Kurt Kueffner wants to change all of that with his new barbershop in downtown Minneapolis, MENSDEPT.

Kueffner tries to put together the pieces of a successful barbershop – the community vibe, the focus on quality service, the friendship – in these times. Just like many other businesses out there, barbershops continue to evolve and with MENSDEPT. offering a clean white t-shirt to customers for haircuts and keeping drama to a minimum in the shop, Kueffner could really be on to something.

Next time I’m in Minneapolis I’m going to look up MENSDEPT. and try to get in for a haircut and chat!


The barber to the baseball stars

Here’s an inspiring story of a barber who caters to major league baseball players and other superstar athletes and he does it mostly on the run! Angel Lucas Pena worked his way into one of the most prolific circles for a any business person, let alone a barber, by being aggressive and being really good at those haircuts. Read how a great haircut for Red Sox player David Ortiz turned into boom times for Mr. Pena!

You won’t find Pena’s name in a program or media guide. He has no background in baseball and is not a trainer, team executive or agent, but he is trusted by virtually every star in the game. Pena, nicknamed “Monster99,” is the barber of baseball.

“Everybody around the league knows who he is, and everybody loves him,” says Ortiz, who has a barber chair in his garage courtesy of Pena. “Everybody is cool with him because he’s so cool. I’m telling you, he’s got a relationship with everyone.”

Pena, a 33-year-old product of New York City, has a contact list that would make agent Scott Boras envious.

In the last few months, he has cut the hair of a wide array of baseball luminaries. From players such as Ryan Braun, Miguel Cabrera, Prince Fielder, Ryan Howard, Torii Hunter, Matt Kemp, Cliff Lee, Tim Lincecum, Manny Ramirez, CC Sabathia and Justin Upton to Hall of Famers Yogi Berra and Reggie Jackson to Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen to New York Mets general manager Omar Minaya.

Great story!


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