Product Review: Schick Xtreme 3 Eco

Need a disposable razor for that endless holiday trip to visit your in-laws out of state? Check out the Schick Xtreme Eco 3.

The Schick Xtreme 3 Eco is a temporary/disposable razor, but it works with the effectiveness and feel of any full-time blade. Made from recycled plastic hangers and available in a four pack via packaging of 100% post-consumer recycled paper, the Xtreme 3 is light and straightforward.

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007 returns in ‘Skyfall’

Can you believe it’s been 50 years since the first James Bond film? “Dr. No” premiered in 1962, and then the third film, “Goldfinger,” became one of the first true blockbuster films tied to merchandizing. The Bond franchise is still alive and kicking, with its emphasis on cars, gadgets, drinks, Bond girls, exotic locations and cool villains. It’s a formula that continues to work well, and we’ll see the new iteration with “Skyfall” premiering this week in Great Britain and next week in the United States.

One part of the Bond formula includes the cool movie posters, and you can see the version for the latest movie above. They’ve become simpler through the years, and I’m still partial to the wild posters from the Sixties. A collection of cool Bond posters is a great way to dress up a room, and a wholesale poster frame option can make them look much more professional to give you something much better than a dorm room look.


Zoosk’s “Movember” Inspired Survey

During the month of November, thousands of men around the world will grow mustaches as part of Movember., the romantic social network, conducted surveys among nearly 8,500 of its members around the globe to gather their thoughts on facial hair. Here are some of the Zoosk survey findings…

  • Hairy nation – 64% of American men say they have facial hair.
  • The #1 reason men grow facial hair? 40% of men say it gives them more confidence.
  • The goatee wins as the preferred form of facial hair among American women.
  • Women say the “soul patch” is the least-preferred form of facial hair.
  • 63% of American women say that they would be more open to romance with a man who grew facial hair for a worthy cause.
  • 50% of women say that Johnny Depp sports the best facial hair.
  • 45% of men think Sean Connery has the best facial hair.

Zoosk is the romantic social network that helps members create and share their romantic journeys, with millions of members from around the globe enjoying the service each month. Check the site here.


Mitt Romney uses spray tans?

The presidential race is very tight, and both candidates are raising boatloads of cash, campaigning 24/7 and looking for every advantage they can find.

Mitt Romney is a very buttoned down guy, sporting the corporate look. But it sounds like he has a bit of a metrosexual steak in him as well. Reports are out there that Romney is using spray tans to make himself look good before big events. Follow the link and check out the photo and see what you think. Would you do it?


Marketing a barbershop in social media world

Like any small business, a barbershop’s success depends on many factors. Talent and hard work rank at the top, along with the ability to work well with customers. If you own a barbershop, you’re good at what you do and you love your work, you’ll probably do just fine.

Still, promoting your business is still important, and in today’s social media world you should be taking advantage of sites like Facebook and Twitter for promotional purposes. The key is letting your customer base be your marketing tool, and these social media sites make that possible. Of course you should consult with an expert in this area or do some research, but building out your “Likes” on a Facebook page for your barbershop for example can be a huge assets for your business.

Of course, old school tactics still work as well and can’t be ignored. Simple things like glossy brochures with full color printing can help attract new customers, and you can shop around online for the best prices like searching for print brochures at other stores on the web.

The key is finding the right balance for your business. So don’t just focus on the work. Put the time in to promote your business as well.


Product Review: Proraso Shave Foam and Pre-Shave Cream

When I was a kid, it was easy to locate a barbershop thanks to the telltale barber’s pole located on the outside of each establishment. And I always wanted to crack that barber pole open and see what it felt like, it’s texture, assuming that its taste was not that far off from a peppermint.

Most barber poles are gone now, but the sentiment, style and quality of a bygone era is thankfully still maintained by the gents at Proraso

I really like the old school appearance and feel of Proraso. Don’t let the canister fool you – it isn’t the bland, “Brand X” canister you can get at any store for $5 dollars. This is like your grandfathers shaving cream: bold, full-bodied, and undaunted by the fact that it’s a legit, old school shaving cream in a time of gels and other gimmicks.

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BarberShopBlog Talks To Greg Jennings About “Smelf-Confidence” And, Um, Balls

You’ve caught passes from obviously Aaron Rodgers and earlier in your career Brett Favre- who throws the ball harder?

I always have to tip my hat to Aaron simply because he is younger; I was with Brett in his latter stages. He has stories about guys with broken fingers on his resume, but when I was here definitely Aaron.

Who throws the more catchable ball? And what makes a ball more catchable?

They both throw the most catchable balls. And that said, NO Homo. But they both have balls that…I don’t even like to talk about it. They both throw a really good uh… (laughing) balls.

What’s the deal with Old Spice and how did you guys team up?

It’s all about the new Champion Scent and I was just working with Old Spice and the new ad campaign. There is more to come, but the first ad, me with my dog, just letting everybody know that if you believe in your “smelf”, anything can be possible. Your “smelf” is all about “smelf confidence” and making sure you can overcome anything getting the viewer and the fan to realize you can overcome any type of adverse situation if you use this Champion Scent from Old Spice.

Listen to the full interview here.

Read the full interview here.


Sergio Rome’s Beard Vs. Brian Wilson’s Beard

Sergio Romo Sergio Romo #54 of the San Francisco Giants receives his World Series ring from managing partner Bill Neukom beofore his game against the St. Louis Cardinals  at AT&T Park on April 9, 2011 in San Francisco, California.

When Giants closer Brian Wilson went down with a torn right beard, Sergio Rome stepped up and became the team’s closer.

Not only did he fulfill the role of closer, but he also brought a badass beard to the table.

Whose beard is better- Rome’s or Wilson?


Tiquan Underwood’s Hi-Top Fade

Tiquan Underwood’s hi-top fade rivals anything from the late 80′s/early 90′s, even revered hi-top fade forerunner Kid from “Kid N Play“. Last Sunday, Underwood set a career “hi” in single game receiving yards with 68 on two receptions versus the Chiefs. After getting released by the Patriots the night before the Super Bowl last season, Underwood has “cut” himself a niche in Tampa Bay’s wide receiver rotation.

What are the odds his favorite route is the “fade”?


Product Review: Gillette ProGlide Styler


In the heart of the current political season, and in the interest of full disclosure, I must say that I have always been pro-Gillette throughout my personal shaving career.

It started way back in the mid-nineties, when I fell in love with the Gillette Mach 3 right out of Harvard Law. Three blades at the time was revolutionary (not as progressive, but certainly more moderate than the Schick Hydro 5 Power Select and it’s five blade setup) and I used it faithfully for years.

That being said, I was totally unaware and fully surprised when I recently received the Gillette ProGlide Styler for review. So rest assured, this review comes to you as the result of a fully non-partisan effort.

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