Top 10 Male Gold Digger Names

On the heels of the Top 10 Female Gold Diggers of, a free and anonymous background check site that searches public, criminal, arrest, civil, speeding tickets and more has just released the Top 10 Male Gold Diggers of 2014. The list puts Aaron on top in its DirtSearch Top 10 ‘Dirty’.

Identity theft has been on the rise with 1 in 8 searches coming up with a criminal past, and with that comes a rise in ‘gold diggers’. If you thought just females could be gold diggers, think again. Times have changed and with women bringing home the bacon, more men are looking for financial security.

That coupled with a rise in petty theft, makes the gold digger phenomenon all too common. pulled data from over 2 million background searches and looked closely at the top names often searched. What came back once again, were crimes such as petty theft, identity theft, fraud, back child support payments, writing bad checks, and multiple bankruptcies.

Out of that list, the names that came up most often in the top 10 are Aaron, Jeffrey, Kyle, Sean and Brandon.

Here are the Top 10:

1. Aaron
2. Jeffery
3. Kyle
4. Sean
5. Brandon
6. Adam
7. Chad
8. Zachary
9. Stephen
10. Jose

So if you are a woman dating a man and are questioning if maybe your dude has a shady past or a qualified ‘gold digger’ just after your bank account, here are ways to tell your guy is a Gold Digger or make sure he is not on the ‘dirty’ list:

1. He has flashy things but he can’t really explain where they came from.
2. He is constantly talking about materialistic things and has an obsession with get rich quick schemes.
3. Like his female counterparts, they have a sense of entitlement.
3. He gets phone calls and text messages day and night.
4. He has forgotten his wallet more than once with you.
5. He seems too smooth for his own good. The only emotion he shows are on your paydays.
6. He hints around or asks you flat out to help him with a bill.
7. He knows your ATM pin but can’t seem to remember your digits.
8. Girl, he has a talent for skirting the issues.

To see if your man might be on the DirtSearch Top 10 Dirty Report, go here.

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