Product Review: Schick Quattro Titanium


For its latest campaign, Schick has taken a direct position against hipster douchebags. And I say it’s high time.

In recent years, the hipster population has exploded in the same way Ted Nugent says the deer population has, because there are no natural predators. Society has embraced these wayward idiots in tight pants with ironic tattoos, such as a flying toaster or a piece of pizza.

But now, Schick has positioned itself as a hipster predator. No, not this guy, but the thought of the original Predator hunting down hipster doofuses in major metropolitan areas the way he hunted down Danny Glover in Predator 2, does get me a little excited. Read the rest of this entry »


Twin Luxe- Shave Like You’re Rich

Just because the “Predator” is chasing you thru the jungle doesn’t mean you have to use substandard shaving products. And even if he isn’t, if you aren’t going to spend money on a decent shave cream, you need to readjust your priorities.

Sure, you’re used to the act of dragging cold metal across dry, fractured skin in an effort to remove facial hair– you’ve been doing it that way for years. But did you know that shaving can be rewarding? That when done correctly, with a high end product, it can make your life better?

Try out Twin Luxe then tell me I’m wrong.


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