Is this why you don’t shave?

Here’s an interesting article on shaving and the future of men’s shaving habits. It’s well written by the reporter but I think he goes a bit too far with his analysis of why men shave or why men choose not to shave.

Even though the tough economy has so many of our brothers out of work , the type of work they will likely get back into will require a shave more often than not. Hey, we all like to go a few days without shaving here and there but in all fairness shaving has never been easier. The high tech razors we have available to us these days pretty much put razor cuts in the reaview mirror. Also, The goatee is now more popular than ever but you still need a close shave around it to make it pop!

I enjoyed the article even though I don’t agree with all of his points. Hey, Also noticed that reporter who wrote the piece is clean shaven in his photo up top!

Photo from fOTOGLIF


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