Have You Seen Aaron Rodgers’ Moustache?


During this past Sunday’s Packers and Vikings overtime tie, the Fox camera kept cutting to the Packers sideline and showing a man that I assumed was an equipment manager on the sideline.

But it was no equipment manager; it was Packers stud QB Aaron Rodgers, sporting a moustache that would make any maintenance man proud.

I marveled at the thickness of it. If a man can grow a superior moustache, it’s his obligation to society to maintain it, if only for the kids.

In this world of shaved chests and hairless faces, it made me quiver with delight.

Speaking of moustaches, who better to talk about their cultural relevance than beard physician and sex oblect, Dr. Allan Peterkin?

Do it for the kids, friend.



For “Movemeber” Packers Are Pro Moustache

So what’s the deal with Aaron Rodgers sweet “lady tickler”, you ask? The QB as well as other members of the Packers are rocking the “Stache” this month to support and raise awareness of men’s health issues like prostate cancer and testicular cancer, similarly to how October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Take care of your man business, and your man business will take care of you.


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