Men’s grooming becomes an enormous industry

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The beauty industry is undergoing a paradigm shift lately. This is because more men are beginning to appreciate male-specific toiletries other than basic shaving and shampoo products. The male beauty industry is expanding all over the world. But the most notable countries where this trend is taking shape really fast includes the US, the UK, Germany, China, South Korea, and Brazil.

The male beauty industry has always been viewed as a potential multi-billion dollar industry since 1994 when the term metro-sexuality was coined. In places like Europe, the male grooming industry was expected to boom right off the butt.

Today, the industry’s worth is estimated at $21.4 billion dollars. This figure is expected to grow by $5 billion in the next 4 years. Countries like the US and the UK lead in producing and launching products targeted at men. Yet again, countries like Asia still prove themselves to be the most popular in terms of targeting this industry.

The size of the industry in Asia

Some stats say that Korean men are the top per-capita skincare products consumers. Every man uses at least 13 products. This growth is powered by the Korean military and the K-pop culture. The idolized nature of the K-pop culture and now the Korean military that puts on thick camo creams all contribute to this growing trend of the male grooming and cosmetics industry.

In China

The industry grows by 20% in China each year. The middle class continues to grow, and males are now starting to associate these products with sophistication and professionalism. And when you go to places like South East Asia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Taiwan, you realize that male consumers are treating products as unisex consumer goods rather than seeing certain products as being manlier than others.

In these parts of the world, men are looking to add more individuality to their looks. And since they already have spending power, they are very open to using cosmetics and other beauty-enhancing products. These include things like lip balm, BB creams and even foundation.

Internet sales

The growth of the male grooming industry is witnessed on the internet as well. Sales on the internet for these male grooming products have been on a consistent rise, now hitting $342 million each year.

This sudden attraction of male grooming products can be attributed to the value which these products offer. More men are also ordering through the internet because of the convenience and the kind of marketing that is going towards promoting these products on the web. So it generally boils down to quality, convenience, and affordability in addition to the belief that most men now have concerning these products.

Men are willing to try everything that is in concurrence with the trend

When the online casino fever engulfed the internet space, Euro Palace casino was flooded with men of all ages seeking to play slot games just to look cool and pass time. You see, when looking for your one-stop casino guide to help you get started, this is the place to go to. Even today, Euro Palace casino is still being viewed as one of the best places to play internet games.

However, terms of male grooming products hitting the stores and the internet marketplace, we could say that it’s a fad that is inspired by the media and what we see and hear. How long the trend will be sustained is dependent on how well the industry will market its products. The casino industry has gotten it right from the start, and we are seeing the response. So generally the male population appears to be very responsive to what it is fed with. Soon, the male grooming industry will surpass or match the casino industry stats.


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