Going bald with a few thousand dollars to spare?

Hair loss or bad text

A large majority of today’s male generation are very conscious about their looks, and why not? From hair styles to exceptional skin care routines, there are numerous male grooming products to choose from today.

Some treatments, however, promise much better results than others – hair transplants being one of the more recent makeover procedures to be made available.

Keeping it under wraps

Having a fresh new head of glossy and healthy hair is an asset to many men and signing up to a hair transplant is just the ticket. Those who believe such a procedure to be too much of an obvious change can opt for an undetectable hair transplant.

Asides from some initial redness, patients can leave the clinic with their hair looking pretty much the same as when they entered, allowing those who wish to keep the transplant under wraps to do so by simply covering up or disguising the head until the redness subsides over the next few days.

What’s achievable?

There are a number of testimonials online today, many of which state various individuals have paid up to £40,000 for hair loss treatments. This news comes as no surprise – especially when you consider that loss of hair can cause serious confidence issues.

The first thing most patients want to know when considering a hair transplant is what’s achievable? So far, such a procedure has shown great success, especially when it comes to the restoration of the natural hairline.

In certain scenarios, hair loss can be prevented altogether. This is one of the major reasons many are turning to this particular treatment today.

Where to begin

Every man is different, which is why it’s important to visit your chosen clinic for a consultation. This way, you’ll receive the most effective treatment available.

Throughout the consultation a specialist or a hair transplant surgeon will talk you through the entire process so you know what to expect.

Treatments available

Most clinics offer two types of treatment: Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Micro-grafting/Micro hair transplanting. The first one involves plucking small groups of healthy hair from the head which are then transplanted into the areas showing hair loss.
After a few months the transplanted hair will begin to grow as normal. The more hair transplanted, the better the results tend to be. There’s no scarring and the entire procedure can be completed in one morning.

The latter treatment involves dissecting each individual hair follicle under magnification.

Fine incisions are created and each follicle is placed into the area of loss. This particular procedure allows the surgeon to transplant more hair within the procedure time, which of course allows for faster results.


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