Schick and X-MEN Challenge You To Accept “X-MEN Challenge”


Today the latest X-MEN movie, “X-MEN: Days of Future Past”, will be released in theaters. Just like the X-MEN are famous for charting their own paths and tackling any challenge, Schick is challenging men to do the same by changing up their grooming routines.

Schick is giving guys who take the Schick Hydro Challenge the chance to unlock “X-MEN: Days of Future Past” content, and win prizes, while experiencing an amazing shave, or your money back.

The Schick Hydro Challenge works like this: try a Schick Hydro razor and if you don’t prefer it, you get your money back. Those who X-Cept the Challenge can receive a free exclusive X-MEN t-shirt with the purchase of any two X-MEN branded Schick products. Simply look for specifically-marked Schick razors at your local retailer for access to the exclusive mail-in offer.

Schick has also launched the X-MEN Challenge on Facebook and at the featuring tons of trivia for fans to challenge each other and see who knows more about X-MEN.

For each game played, fans are entered into a sweepstakes to win various weekly prizes, including “X-MEN: Days if Future Past” movie merchandise and HD flat screen TV’s. One lucky player will win an X-MEN prize pack worth over $1,800.


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