The Great Gatsby Premiere Lives up to Hype

Okay, so let’s talk Gatsby. I am sure you were forced to read it at some point growing up. It was one of those books that you might have just read the Cliff’s Notes on. I know that wasn’t just me. The famous book by F. Scott Fitzgerald is now being made into a movie for the 5th time. To be honest, before the hype surrounding this go-round I was only aware of one film adaptation as my English teacher in had us watch it after “finishing” the book.

Gatsby is one of the years most anticipated films. The lavish opening was held Wednesday night at Avery Fisher Hall in NYC included a seemingly un-ending line of A-listers walking the red carpet.

As for the leading men Leonardo Dicaprio arrived solo in head to toe Prada in Navy, with his classic slicked black hair. Tobey MaGuire equally as dapper chose a Saint Laurent Navy suit, accessorizing with his beautiful wife, Jennifer. Both looking like they walked directly out of the 1920’s into the current era. Leo spoke for a brief moment on channeling his inner Gatsby. “This novel took on a whole new meaning for me when I became an adult. I really connected and was fascinated by the loneliness and isolation of this man that is a part of this new America that is emerging as this superpower.”

Tobey also shared his thoughts on portraying Nick Carraway: “I think we’re pretty true to the book. In the book, Nick is observing a lot of the action but we did find a way to show the audience how the action affects Nick, and I think that was one of the keys to our strategy to making the film.”

But no one caught my attention as much as Jay Z. It is no surprise that he was dressed to the nines. The co-creator of the soundtrack and executive producer of the film stood out above the rest. In a charcoal window pane two button suit, Jay Z continues to show that a hip hop artist can look as sophisticated as the next, all you have to do is add some men’s dress shirts to his wardrobe. Jay Z is showing us that 2013 is a big year for him, not that we are surprised, with Beyoncé as his wife every year is a big year. He has already made the cover of Time Magazine’s Most Influential issue and recently received a shout out from the President.

The film was swarming with celebrities, so much so that Jennifer Lawrence even seemed a little star struck running into Jay Z. While he is impressive in a number of ways, Director, Baz Luhrmann noted that he was more impressed with his work ethic than his talent and fame. Luhrmann boasts “he is one of the most professional people I have ever worked with.”

There is no stopping Jay Z at this point in his career. It seems there is no mountain he can’t climb and no project he is afraid to tackle. Next on the list is a remake of Annie, a film that should fare quite well with an added twist of Jay Z’s flair.

Of course no premiere is complete without an after party, the Plaza Hotel hosted the event where the stars danced alongside performers dressed as flappers to give it a modern day Gatsby feel.

The event went out without any mishaps, and those who were able to view the film imply they are pleased with the final product, seems it was well worth the anticipation leading up to the premiere.


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