Button Down Collar Without A Tie; What’s The Protocol??

I was sitting in a meeting at my job watching the division manager lead a presentation. While gesticulating wildly, I watched as the unbuttoned collar on his button down shirt flipped and flopped with every movement, just like Mitt Romney at a campaign stop.

And I wondered aloud to myself; “What is the protocol for that?”

Obviously, with a tie the collar better be buttoned down or you’ll like an idiot. But what about sans tie? For the answer, I needed a random sampling. And for that, I went to this thread on catholic.com; because where else would you even go?

Based on a sampling of 56 dudes, 67.86% (38) of respondents said they still button them regardless of no tie.

What do you do, sir? Leave a comment below.


“Iguana” Touch It??


In the past on barbershopblog.com we’ve documented haircuts with portraits of notable humans carved into the sides of people’s heads. But this time, we’re going to dip into the animal kingdom.

To hell with the faux hawk- there’s a new sheriff in town. Say hello to the “Iguana Cut”. Pay special attention to the tail- sans iguana on top, it would be a bitchin’ “Rat Tail”. Just like the 80’s, it’s “rat-ical”.

Either way, it’s still better than Carolina Panthers QB Jimmy Clausen’s haircut.


White Socks With Black Shoes; And Other Ways To Show You Don’t Care How You Look

The other day, on a whim, I wore white socks with black shoes to my workplace as a sort of generational study. Before I even sat down, the 22-25 year old demographic was all over my ass.

“Nice look, grampa; are you color blind?” “All you need is a blazer and you’d BE Don Johnson.” “Looks like somebody doesn’t plan on getting laid.”

I took the abuse and moved on, swiftly, to the 38-61 demographic.

“Paulie E, rocking the white socks- reminds me of the 70’s; good times.” “Paul, those white socks make you look like you’re walking faster through the office.” “I can tell by your white socks that you just don’t give a shit and I like it.”

Tell me that Michael Jackson didn’t look cool in the video for “Billie Jean”- tell me!!

I guess it’s a generational thing; just like chest hair.


21st Century Barbershop Apps

Courtesy of Creative Commons by Vicci

The word barbershop evokes memories of Saturdays spent going down to the local strip mall, talking about sports, and the latest man adventure in town. Barbershops have changed radically. This Barbershop Blog plans on exploring all the possibilities available. For the 21st century the choices have become much broader. Google Play lets one get barbershop apps free or at little cost. Small local business gets creative advertising affordably.

Available Services

With a touch of a button one can select men’s grooming needs, schedule an appointment, or choose a barber at their convenience day or night. Services come listed for that particular shop advertising the business in a local area and exposing the business to a whole new set of customers or tourists not possible in the past. Barbershop apps come in general styles or a specific tailored style that caters to specific needs and clientage. Below is a variety of the many apps available at Google Play.

American Tobacco Barbershop

This app highlights a barbershop in Durham, North Carolina. It lists their services available and place. Each barber comes listed so if one can set up an appointment for personalized service with their favorite hair stylist easily and quickly.

Frank’s Barbershop

This place comes as a full service men’s grooming shop listing its specials and offers. An additional button in the app allows access to its many concierge services which personalize its processes and techniques to a person’s preferences and needs. Also provided on the app is general information on hair care for home once one leaves its site.

Salon Deals

This app offers a directory for listing barbershops and salons. It gathers coupons and deals from across the Internet. The app organizes the information in several ways. First the program automatically detects those salons and barbershops close by according to your android phones location. Making it extremely useful for when one is on the road. Personal grooming needs can now easily be taken car. Along with the GPS capability comes searching by postal code for when one is looking for a business in a general area. Favorite salons and barbershops can be bookmarked. Settings and options come changeable letting the consumer of the app decide its use and customization.

Floyd’s Barbershop 99

This franchise uses android phones to offer convenient features to guide customers. Where ever one is traveling to with a punch of a button the app finds shops within 20 miles and gives a map display. Every staff member’s photo is shown as well as their schedule for the week. A unique feature of these barbershops is their own radio station which passionately plays old and new music. Floyd’s Barbershop is an experience one is not likely to forget and now thanks to Android phones apps is easy to find.

The list of available apps on Google Play for android phones is long and varied. Add a fresh approach to your hair styling experience and soak up the atmosphere of the place at your leisure.


Hair Weave Thefts On The Rise


You may find this as “unbe-weavable” as I did. As this article details, thieves or (“thi-weaves”) across the country are stealing weaves made of human hair, presumably to re-sell them on the black market. Don’t “be-weave” it? Check out this video as the “Weave Thieves”  smash and grab their way to longer, more luxurious hair.

Weaves made of real human hair are called “remy hair” and can go for several hundred or even thousand dollars. So if someone tries to accost you for your hair weave, simply tell them to “weave” you alone.


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