Supplements can be a welcome boost your winter diet

With the longer, colder nights drawing in, we’ll all be leaning on a bit of comfort food to get us through the winter. The tendency to consume more high-calorie, fat-rich food during the dark, chilly months can lead to unwanted weight being piled on and hard work in the gym being undone. But these days there are more and more ways available to make sure you maintain optimum nutrition, even through the indulgent Christmas period.

Instant whey powder and other protein supplements are a brilliant option for anyone looking to load up on protein when the dinner table is laden with stodgy stews and puff pastry pies. Many people’s winter diet is not suitable for sustaining high quality gym sessions, so supplements are needed.

Also available to help combat the winter weight gain are thermo fat burners that increase inner body temperature to speed up the metabolism and consume more calories. There are countless brands out there offering protein and fat burning supplements, but choose a reputable brand such as Myofusion to avoid being ripped off by an ineffective cowboy product!


Promoting a barbershop

The world is changing rapidly, but many barbers and barbershops are keeping up with the times. It’s interesting to see this old school business being promoted so successfully in today’s social media world. Many barbers and barbershops are on Twitter, and many have Facebook pages as well. These are great tools for building customer loyalty and finding new customers. Many are also using texting for making appointments, as using the phone can be very cumbersome and interrupts a session with a customer. With texting a barber can reply after he’s finished with a hair cut or shave.

The best promotion is word of mouth, but now social media can help there as well. Online reviews can go a long way towards promoting a service like haircuts.

Of course, this is a people business, and the tools above don’t negate the importance of tradition methods. Smart barbers still focus on a nice outdoor sign and take advantage printing cool-looking promotional materials.

Still, it’s nice to see the combination of an old service and new ways of marketing and promotion.


Return of Iverson = Return of Cornrows?

Has anyone else noticed that since Allen Iverson stepped away from the NBA for the last year and a half that cornrows have basically disappeared? Well if you missed “A.I.” and the hairdo he helped turn into a popular fad, you’ll get at least two more games to see them in action.

Iverson announced on Wednesday he will be headlining the “Las Vegas Superstar Challenge” in mid-November. The mini tournament will feature Iverson as well as an impressive list of NBA players. So in the spirit of “A.I.’s” return, here is how to give yourself cornrows.

You go, boy.


Playing poker at home

Many of us have been there. You’re at the poker table or another gaming table in the casino, and you’ve been there for hours. You’re surrounded by all sorts of characters, and their grooming habits often leave a lot to be desired. There’s definitely some charm to the casino atmosphere, and it’s awesome when you’re in the mood, but there are also times when you just want to play the game and not be surrounded by cigarette smoke and guys who look like and smell they just stepped off of a Greyhound bus after an overnight trip.

That’s what makes playing casino games at home such a great option. At home it’s just about the game. You can search for the best casinos online, and you can work on your skills and concentrate on the game, as opposed to making small talk with some dude in desperate need of a barber.

The geniuses in Washington might finally be coming around to the idea that we should all have the freedom to play whatever game we like, even in the comfort of our own home. I’m not holding my breath, but I can always hope! Now I have some reason for optimism.


Meet The “T-1000” Of Hair Growth


The prospect of getting hair plugs to combat male pattern baldness made most men uneasy for years. Out of that uneasiness, sprung two alternative measures to seed and grow hair; follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE).

The next step in those regenerative procedures is the ARTAS System. A machine (pictured above), ARTAS is an image guided robotic system that is faster than performed manually by a doctor, less painful and supposedly even produces higher success rates.

So if you’re considering a regenerative hair technique, would you feel more or less comfortable entertaining the idea of a robot doing the work on your scalp?


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