Audrina Patridge looks amazing in Ralph Magazine

This incredible shoot of Audrina Patridge of “The Hills” in Ralph Magazine hits many of our fantasies. Frankly, we wouldn’t care if she bleached our favorite jeans – she’s incredible! Foolow the link to check out all the photos.

Naturally, Audrina has been in demand over the years for photo shoots. Here’s some of the best YouTube videos out there of Audrina working with other publications:

This FHM photo shoot features some great one piece swimsuits.

Here Audrina is behind the scenes with Maxim, doing things like washing the car. Nice!

Here she’s shooting for Runway Magazine.


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8 responses to “Audrina Patridge looks amazing in Ralph Magazine”

  • Brad says:

    This photo shoot is just amazing. Love the side shots.

  • Rahul raj says:

    Audrina looks very sexy and fuckative.

  • zoey says:

    you are hot and i want to have sex with you.

  • Larry says:

    This rivals the Burger King commercial

  • Las Vegas Barber says:

    WOW she is gorgeous! So beautiful!

  • FrankieT says:

    Great pictures from when model and reality TV personality Audrina Patridge was at her very best! Its sad but she doesn’t look anything like that now. A drastic reduction procedure in early 2011 removed her curves and cleavage and left Audrina flattened, sagging, shapeless in dire need of Victoria’s Secret lift and support. When she employs the boosting lingerie she still has an impressive shape. But she does it so rarely, instead dressing in high necklines, baggy outfits, looking more like 47 than 27. Thankfully her great hair and smile are still intact.

  • JennySt says:

    Audrina definitely looked amazing then! Sexy, shapely, the nearly perfect American woman. But she doesn’t look like that anymore. Look at this picture from the June 2012 Wonderland magazine

  • jack says:

    love those sexy bodies!!!!!!!!!!!!

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