10 Easy Ways to Impress Your Girl on Valentine’s Day

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Like it or dread it, Valentine’s Day is that one day each year devoted to impressing your sweetie. Whether you’re looking to show your partner how much you care, earn some bonus points, or just get out of the dog house, you’ll want to make the most of this day. We know life is busy, so if you’re pressed for time or just stumped as to what to do, consider these 10 easy ways to impress your girl on Valentine’s Day:

1. Send Her Flowers at Work

According to a CNN.com article, around 2 billion dollars is spent on flowers in the U.S. on Valentine’s Day. While flowers on Valentine’s Day are pretty much a given, you can maximize the impact of this gesture by sending them at a time when lots of people will see her receive them. Having flowers delivered mid-morning at your girl’s workplace allows her to bask in the envy of her co-workers in addition to knowing you cared enough to make the effort. Include a nice, gushy card, too.

2. Breakfast in Bed

This move can really make an impact, especially if you’ve never done it before. Pick up all her favorite breakfast foods the night before, and get up an hour ahead of time to prepare everything perfectly. When her alarm goes off (or just before), bring a beautifully arranged tray into the bedroom, complete with a hot cup of coffee, cloth napkin and a vase with a rose.

3. Recreate Your First Date

Relationships always start out uber-romantic. You can reconnect with that vibe by recreating your first epic date this Valentine’s Day. Wear what you wore back then, or class it up with a yd. suit. That special restaurant, the park where you first held hands, a horse and carriage ride — whatever sparked romance between the two of you can help ignite the passion this Valentine’s Day.

4. Rose Petals

Roses scream romance, but you can break from the cliché of the bouquet by instead showering your love nest with rose petals. A path of them leading to the bed always sends a romantic message; you can also scatter them around a bath you’ve drawn for her, around the fireplace, or leading to the kitchen where you have a plate of chocolate-dipped strawberries waiting.

5. Treat Her to a Romantic Massage

Talk about easy and affordable — giving your girl an hour-long massage can be an indulgence she isn’t expecting — and it can lead to all sorts of other romantic scenarios for both of you.

6. A Custom Photo Book

Find all your favorite photos and have them printed on glossy photo stock. (Wal Mart and Walgreen’s offer services where you send the images electronically and pick them up from the store.) Buy an ornate Valentine’s Day-themed photo book and fill it with the printed photos.

7. Make a Custom Calendar

Use the best 12 photos from above and have a custom calendar printed with a romantic photo of the two of you for every month of the year.

8. Clean the House

If you’ve been together for a while, and if you’ve never done it before, this gesture could be the catalyst to a night of passion you won’t soon forget.

9. Write Her a Poem or Love Letter

Even if you’re not lyrically inclined, words that come from the heart are always a winner on Valentine’s Day.

10. Make Her Dinner

Making your sweetie dinner is incredibly romantic, and it doesn’t have to be pork en croute or pheasant under glass. Make a dish you feel confident in making, and do your best. Your girl is likely to be blown away by the gesture no matter how it turns out.


BREAKING NEWS: Your Woman Would Rather Hang Out With Bruce Willis Than You

So, you really thought you nailed it out of the park on Valentine’s Day, huh friend? Well think again. Unless you are actually Bruce Willis you failed. It isn’t just a matter of opinion either, it’s raw scientific fact.

A recent Valentine’s Day survey commissioned by IMAX® Corporation (NYSE:IMAX; TSX:IMX) revealed that – of U.S. adults who would spend Valentine’s Day with a star whose movie is opening that day (Bruce Willis, Josh Duhamel or Jack O’Connell) – 68 percent would spend the evening with Bruce Willis, star of the upcoming action film A Good Day to Die Hard.

The survey, conducted online by Harris Interactive among more than 2,000 U.S. adults (18+) in February 2013, asked participants which of the following movie stars who have major movies coming out this Valentine’s Day they would most want to spend the evening with: Bruce Willis (A Good Day to Die Hard), Josh Duhamel (Safe Haven) or Jack O’Connell (Beautiful Creatures).

Additional findings showed:

· Men are more likely to choose Bruce Willis than woman (85 percent vs. 54 percent)

· Women are more likely to choose Josh Duhamel than men (40 percent vs. 13 percent)

And even if you ARE Bruce Willis, you failed too, because at this point, your woman is tired of you and your rugged sexiness. Guys, you just can’t win.

Unless you have a 10 inch wiener made of chocolate that sprays money and hate sports, you’ve got no shot.


Just Some More Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get Married on V-Day Or EVER

If you’re thinking of getting married, DON’T, stupid. As a man who has been “actively divorced” for three years I really don’t know why I ever decided to complicate my life.

For instance tonight, I spent two hours after work watching highlights of the 1995 NBA Dunk Contest/Three Point Shootout. I ate dinner from a can and a blender. I stopped re-watching season 2 of Breaking Bad to write this. And I haven’t even mentioned my masturbation schedule yet.

Regardless, if you’re in a hurry to shit the bed in terms of far-reaching relationship decision making, consider these facts from David’s Bridal:

– More than half of brides (57%) would change something about their engagement ring if they could, with the biggest gripe being wanting a bigger stone (19%)

80% would scoff at a public Facebook proposal

63% wouldn’t say yes to their beau proposing on a Jumbotron

57% of brides would say no to the ever-popular flash mob proposal!

And if she says no, she’s doing you a favor, you idiot. Remember it isn’t just the proposal that’s about her but the entire fucking relationship.


How to Choose Valentine’s Day Flowers for Your Woman

Free image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Americans are predicted to spend more than a billion dollars on this Valentine’s Day on flowers alone! That shows how important of a part are flowers of the whole Valentine’s Day celebrations. If you’re planning to give flowers to your sweetheart on this special day, then this article will help you choose the right ones.

Choosing Flowers for Your Woman

Flowers are a great way to bring out your true feelings, but in order to do that perfectly you need to make sure your gesture is taken the right way. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when selecting flowers for your woman…

1. Ask yourself, do you want to send a single flower or a bouquet? Go for the right option depending on what stage your relationship is and the kind of comfort level you share with her.

2. Make sure you check out the meaning of the flowers before you jump in. For example, Red Tulips are given when you want to declare your love and a single rose is about keeping things simple.

3. Keep in mind that cheap doesn’t always mean bad, and expensive doesn’t always mean good. So choose the flowers based on quality rather than money.

Popular Valentine’s Day Flowers

There are many flowers that are seen as the right option for Valentine’s Day. Given below are some flowers that are highly popular on this day…

#1: Red Roses

Red roses top the list when it comes to the most popular flower exchanged on Valentine’s Day. Since red is the color of romance, passion and excitement, you could go for red roses if your relationship is firm and stable. A good way to give red roses is to have them delivered as a surprise to your loved one’s doorstep.

#2: White, Pink, Yellow Roses

While red roses are definitely popular, roses in other colors like pink, yellow and white are also not behind with more than 30 percent consumers choosing them. Understand that different colors denote different meanings. While pink means gratitude/thanks, yellow signifies warmth/affection. White on the other hand denotes purity/innocence.

#3: Tulips, Lilies and Carnations

You can buy Tulips on Valentine’s Day if you want to show deep respect for your love and/or marriage, since it’s a symbol of perfect/unchanging love. Carnations are popular because of their fragrance and lilies are exchanged to show love, friendship and prosperity.

Valentine’s Day is a day when you have the opportunity to make your loved one feel special like never before. If you happen to be buying a gift for a special someone who does not have a favorite flower then consider a different sort of green gift from a site like ProPlants. Gifts don’t have to be flowers and getting a plant that can live inside the house or transplanted outdoors will be a gift that lasts years instead of a week or two.


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