Product Review: Speed Stick Power Deodorant

Going on a first date with a chick can be nerve racking, especially when the first date materializes on a whim at the prompting of your prospective lady, out of the blue. You’re not going to say no because your schedule is a little tight, are you? Shit no you’re not. You’ve been working this angle for some time now and the time is right.

So, after several sets of push-ups over a limited span of time to pump up my upper body prior to our meeting, I needed something else to really put me over the top; a secret weapon if you will. And I don’t mean an Ed Hardy shirt.

It was at this moment that I unsheathed my potential partner in grime: Speed Stick Power.

When tension rose like a cresting wave at high tide, then crashed upon the shore penetrating the sandy coast and punishing it into submission, I was dry.

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Speed Stick Power Deodorant Giveaway

The new Speed Stick Power antiperspirant and deodorant series helps keep guys feeling fresh and all-day dry. With a premium, modern look, the line delivers trusted protection for maximum confidence and combines 24-hour protection with four masculine scents – Fresh, Energy Surge, Ultimate Sport and Unscented – and is now available in major stores nationwide.

To help get the word out about Speed Stick’s newest line, Barbershop Blog is giving one lucky winner a year supply (6 sticks) of the new Speed Stick Power. Click here to enter for your chance to win, and then be sure to follow us on Twitter for updates and news about other giveaways.

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