Product Review: Dreadnought Shaving Products


After the last product review I did ended up being somewhat of a dreadful experience, I’d be lying if I said a feeling of dread hadn’t since settled over me. I was really hoping the next product I tried wouldn’t lead me to another “dread” end. But alas, the shaving products from Dreadnought Shaving we’re anything but “dread” on arrival.

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Product Review: The Art of Shaving Products

Not all grooming products are created equal, and that couldn’t be more true of the cheap gels and lotions from The Art of Shaving.

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Twin Luxe- Shave Like You’re Rich

Just because the “Predator” is chasing you thru the jungle doesn’t mean you have to use substandard shaving products. And even if he isn’t, if you aren’t going to spend money on a decent shave cream, you need to readjust your priorities.

Sure, you’re used to the act of dragging cold metal across dry, fractured skin in an effort to remove facial hair– you’ve been doing it that way for years. But did you know that shaving can be rewarding? That when done correctly, with a high end product, it can make your life better?

Try out Twin Luxe then tell me I’m wrong.


Bluebeard’s Revenge helps reduce stubble growth

Stubble may be in style for some, but a lot of us like to have a nice, clean shave each and every day. There are loads of products dedicated to the shaving experience, but how many actually reduce stubble growth to make that shave easier with each passing day? Not many. There is one, though, that stands out among the rest: Bluebeard’s Revenge.

Our guys at Bullz-Eye got a chance to review Bluebeard’s Revenge. Here’s what they thought:

When applying the shaving cream I noticed a subtle soapy smell that made me feel like I was cleaning my face as well. It was easy to apply and the shaves I experienced were smooth and clean. The big claim by Bluebeard’s Revenge is after a month of steady use your beard will slow it’s growth because of a novel topical compound called Decelerine in the shaving cream. I’m not here to tell you whether or not that claim is true but I feel the smooth shave alone is enough to support this product.

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