How to Choose Valentine’s Day Flowers for Your Woman

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Americans are predicted to spend more than a billion dollars on this Valentine’s Day on flowers alone! That shows how important of a part are flowers of the whole Valentine’s Day celebrations. If you’re planning to give flowers to your sweetheart on this special day, then this article will help you choose the right ones.

Choosing Flowers for Your Woman

Flowers are a great way to bring out your true feelings, but in order to do that perfectly you need to make sure your gesture is taken the right way. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when selecting flowers for your woman…

1. Ask yourself, do you want to send a single flower or a bouquet? Go for the right option depending on what stage your relationship is and the kind of comfort level you share with her.

2. Make sure you check out the meaning of the flowers before you jump in. For example, Red Tulips are given when you want to declare your love and a single rose is about keeping things simple.

3. Keep in mind that cheap doesn’t always mean bad, and expensive doesn’t always mean good. So choose the flowers based on quality rather than money.

Popular Valentine’s Day Flowers

There are many flowers that are seen as the right option for Valentine’s Day. Given below are some flowers that are highly popular on this day…

#1: Red Roses

Red roses top the list when it comes to the most popular flower exchanged on Valentine’s Day. Since red is the color of romance, passion and excitement, you could go for red roses if your relationship is firm and stable. A good way to give red roses is to have them delivered as a surprise to your loved one’s doorstep.

#2: White, Pink, Yellow Roses

While red roses are definitely popular, roses in other colors like pink, yellow and white are also not behind with more than 30 percent consumers choosing them. Understand that different colors denote different meanings. While pink means gratitude/thanks, yellow signifies warmth/affection. White on the other hand denotes purity/innocence.

#3: Tulips, Lilies and Carnations

You can buy Tulips on Valentine’s Day if you want to show deep respect for your love and/or marriage, since it’s a symbol of perfect/unchanging love. Carnations are popular because of their fragrance and lilies are exchanged to show love, friendship and prosperity.

Valentine’s Day is a day when you have the opportunity to make your loved one feel special like never before. If you happen to be buying a gift for a special someone who does not have a favorite flower then consider a different sort of green gift from a site like ProPlants. Gifts don’t have to be flowers and getting a plant that can live inside the house or transplanted outdoors will be a gift that lasts years instead of a week or two.


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