Bud Light NFL Fans Superstition Survey


Bud Light – the official beer of the NFL – recently conducted a survey to find the most superstitious fans in the NFL.

More than 9,500 interviews were fielded among the 32 NFL team fan bases, including approximately 300 fan interviews per team.

More than 50 questions were asked and, out of that, an “NFL Fan Superstition Index” formed. The index calculates the superstition level of each NFL fan base by each fan’s game-day habits – everything from wearing dirty jerseys, chanting and kissing team trinkets to superstition consistency and true belief levels – and aggregates those into a score from 0 to 100. In addition to ranking the teams, the survey also gathered open-ended responses from fans about their individual superstitious activities.

The result is a fascinating glimpse inside the minds of NFL fans who will do whatever it takes for the win. After all, it’s only weird if it doesn’t work:

- Super Bowl and superstition champions: Baltimore Ravens fans rank as the most superstitious in the NFL.
- That’s dedication: Carolina Panthers fans are four times more likely than the average NFL fan to have a relationship end due to their game-day superstitions (8% versus the NFL fan average of 2%).
- New Orleans Saints fans are most likely to say a certain saying, phrase, cheer or song for the win (37%).
- New York Jets fans are most likely to try to curse or jinx the opposing team (37%).
- Some quality me time: Detroit Lions fans are most likely to engage in superstitious activities alone (30%).
- Lucky duds: Oakland Raiders fans are most likely to wear the same article of clothing (51%) or same hat or non-clothing accessory (38%) to boost team performance.
- Arizona Cardinals fans are most likely to grab a Bud Light for the win; 27% incorporate the official beer sponsor of the NFL into their game-day superstitions or rituals.

To check out stats relating to YOUR favorite NFL team, follow this link.


Buffalo Bills Brad Smith’s “Style Playbook” From Men’s Health

Buffalo Bills wide receiver and Men’s Health intern, Brad Smith, has been working overtime. When he’s not on the field training, he’s been testing out and reviewing new gear. Here are some of his favorites.


Haircuts by Darnell Dockett

Rokkie hazing is pretty common in the NFL, and wacky haircuts seem to be a popular past time during NFL training camps. Darnell Dockett of the Arizona Cardinals has been posting some of his funnier haircut creations on his Twitter account.


Three Days in LA: A 2013 ESPY Awards adventure

2013 ESPY Awards

Thanks to Clear Men Scalp Therapy, I was fortunate enough to attend the ESPY Awards in Los Angeles last week.

I spent some quality time with the greatest tight end in NFL history, Tony Gonzalez, arguably the best running back of all-time, Adrian Peterson, and everyone’s favorite principal, Dennis Haskins aka Mr. Belding from “Saved By The Bell”.

Click here for the full article.

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BarberShopBlog Talks To Greg Jennings About “Smelf-Confidence” And, Um, Balls

You’ve caught passes from obviously Aaron Rodgers and earlier in your career Brett Favre- who throws the ball harder?

I always have to tip my hat to Aaron simply because he is younger; I was with Brett in his latter stages. He has stories about guys with broken fingers on his resume, but when I was here definitely Aaron.

Who throws the more catchable ball? And what makes a ball more catchable?

They both throw the most catchable balls. And that said, NO Homo. But they both have balls that…I don’t even like to talk about it. They both throw a really good uh… (laughing) balls.

What’s the deal with Old Spice and how did you guys team up?

It’s all about the new Champion Scent and I was just working with Old Spice and the new ad campaign. There is more to come, but the first ad, me with my dog, just letting everybody know that if you believe in your “smelf”, anything can be possible. Your “smelf” is all about “smelf confidence” and making sure you can overcome anything getting the viewer and the fan to realize you can overcome any type of adverse situation if you use this Champion Scent from Old Spice.

Listen to the full interview here.

Read the full interview here.


Tiquan Underwood’s Hi-Top Fade

Tiquan Underwood’s hi-top fade rivals anything from the late 80′s/early 90′s, even revered hi-top fade forerunner Kid from “Kid N Play“. Last Sunday, Underwood set a career “hi” in single game receiving yards with 68 on two receptions versus the Chiefs. After getting released by the Patriots the night before the Super Bowl last season, Underwood has “cut” himself a niche in Tampa Bay’s wide receiver rotation.

What are the odds his favorite route is the “fade”?


Product Review: Joe Horn’s Bayou 87 BBQ Sauce

During his playing career, Joe Horn was an electrifying receiver who made play after play even though opposing defenses were keyed in on him week after week. Horn became a fan favorite during a career which saw him set the Saints career mark in touchdowns and make the Pro Bowl four times in five seasons. But what the fans loved even more than his production was the way he played and fought for every inch every time he had the ball.

Horn has now translated that love of football into a love of another gridiron- the one in your backyard via his new BBQ sauce Joe Horn’s Bayou 87 BBQ Sauce. And this isn’t a product marketed by a famous person that isn’t any good- you don’t even need to know who Joe Horn is to like this sauce. Read the review here.

Check out Joe Horn’s Bayou 87 BBQ Sauce at http://www.joehornbbq.com/. And follow Joe on both Twitter (@JoeHorn87) and on Facebook. Joe answers all Tweets he receives and does as much on Facebook as he can, a point that Joe emphasized.

“People ask me all the time on Twitter if this is the “real” Joe Horn. And I tell ‘em the same thing every time: 6-1, 212 pounds of twisted steel with sex appeal. It’s your boy HOLLYWOOD 87!!”


Do You Have “Hair Like Clay?”

Is there any NFL player with better hair than Packers LB Clay Mathews? The 2010 NFL Defensive Player of the Year knows a thing or to about attacking NFL QB’s, but he knows even more (if you can imagine that) about men’s hair care!

Suave and Clay Mathews have teamed up to launch the “Hair Like Clay” Promotion. From now until February 15th, fans have the opportunity to show off their best hair style mimicking Clay’s – either using their real hair or sporting a Clay-like wig – by posting their photo to @SuaveMen on Twitter and including the hashtag #hairlikeclay. The winner will get to spend an ENTIRE day hanging out with Clay!

visit Twitter.com/SuaveMen or Suave.com/mencare for more info.


Brady To Bieber Cut- “Never Say Never”

We know for sure that Tom Brady cut his hair. But thanks to a well-placed hat, we don’t know exactly what he’s got going on under there. How sweet would it be if he had Cornrows? Or a Mowhawk?

Just like David Patten, David Givens, Jabar Gafney or Randy Moss before Bieber, Tommy B. didn’t need the “Bieber” cut to make him. Which is why he “cut” ties with it. “Never Say Never”, Justin. You were a “passing” fad and your modified “Bowl Cut” wasn’t gonna bring him “Down To Earth”- the cut was a “One Time” thing. Now, you’ll just have to find “Somebody To Love.”


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