Iman Shumpert’s High-Top Fade Is Keeping Him Relevant

Iman Shumpert should give his agent a hug. And when then he’s done, he should give his high-top fade a hug, too.

Shumpert’s rep as a basketball player is literally based on his haircut. Everyone assumes he is good, but he isn’t. How else do you explain his presence in this Adidas commercial with athletes that are actually successful? It’s easy; his high-top fade makes him recognizable:

He shot 39% and averaged 6.8 ppg in the 2012-13 regular season. So far in the playoffs, he’s averaging 8.8 ppg while shooting just over 40% from the field.

He isn’t that good, but his high-top fade is outstanding.


Today We Remember The Hair Stylings Of Anthony Mason

The legend of New York Knick Anthony Mason’s array of hair cuts must never die. Hair graphics have grown in popularity over the last few years, but in terms of the NBA “Mase” set a trend that has been replicated ever since. Players like Daniel Gibson and Andray Blatche have tried to mimic Mason, but nothing is better than the original.

Sadly, when researching images for this article, it appears many people have already forgotten how cool Mason was, as there are very few pics of his various haircuts and sayings carved into his head.

Do the future a solid and tell a child about Anthony Mason’s legacy today. If you don’t, the only thing we may have left comes from the Beastie Boys classic “B-Boys Makin’ With The Freak Freak”.

“Got my hair cut correct like Anthony Mason.”



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