Iman Shumpert’s High-Top Fade Is Keeping Him Relevant

Iman Shumpert should give his agent a hug. And when then he’s done, he should give his high-top fade a hug, too.

Shumpert’s rep as a basketball player is literally based on his haircut. Everyone assumes he is good, but he isn’t. How else do you explain his presence in this Adidas commercial with athletes that are actually successful? It’s easy; his high-top fade makes him recognizable:

He shot 39% and averaged 6.8 ppg in the 2012-13 regular season. So far in the playoffs, he’s averaging 8.8 ppg while shooting just over 40% from the field.

He isn’t that good, but his high-top fade is outstanding.


Tiquan Underwood’s Hi-Top Fade

Tiquan Underwood’s hi-top fade rivals anything from the late 80’s/early 90’s, even revered hi-top fade forerunner Kid from “Kid N Play“. Last Sunday, Underwood set a career “hi” in single game receiving yards with 68 on two receptions versus the Chiefs. After getting released by the Patriots the night before the Super Bowl last season, Underwood has “cut” himself a niche in Tampa Bay’s wide receiver rotation.

What are the odds his favorite route is the “fade”?


Best Super Bowl Haircut – Tiquan Underwood

I don’t know what I like better- the Hi-Top Fade, or the Patriots logo shaved into the back of his head. Underwood, listed at 6-1, is closer to 6-6 with his hair.

The only thing cooler would be if Tom Brady rocked a Patriots logo on his dome. But we all know, Giselle wouldn’t allow it.

BarberShopBlog prediction- Patriots 34, Giants 20. Tom Brady wins and may be the best QB ever.


Bring Back the Hi-Top Fade

I was walking to the store the other day and I saw a kid around 18 years of age rocking a hi-top fade. And I was thrilled. The only thing he was missing was the Africa Medallion. But he did have on some oversized hi tops, so it all kind of worked.

Ever since then I’ve seen them more frequently; has my “Hi-top Awareness” just been heightened thanks to the experience?  Or are more people wearing them again? Since the 90’s era of fashion is relevant again thanks to Kanye West, Brandon Jennings and Lady Gaga, I think the hi-top fade may be back. And it’s about damn time if those stupid sunglasses with the horizontal plastic lines are.

For a quick tutorial and glimpse of several variations on the style, put the movie House Party at the top of your Netflix queue. Then, have your buddy cut one for you and set a trend in your neighborhood by following this tutorial.


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