Herschel Walker Speaks Duck

This past Saturday, Aflac, in support of its official sponsorship of the Heisman Trophy, launched the first in a series of 4 videos with Heisman Trophy Winner, Herschel Walker. In each video, Herschel is interacting or teaching the Aflac Duck a few things about staying in shape and working out. 

The first installment titled “Speak Duck” launched Saturday on the Aflac Duck’s Facebook and Twitter (@AflacDuck) pages. The three additional videos will roll out between now and Jan. 11th


“Johnny Football” Haircut Edges Out “Matt Bonner” Haircut

Johnny Manziel is probably going to win the Heisman Trophy and deservedly so. This week, a high school student in Manziel’s hometown of Kerrville, Texas came to school with a sick haircut featuring the Texas A&M QB’s face carved into his head. The school overreacted, as they always do, but it’s a great cut.

And it reminded me- less than a year ago a student in Texas shaved the likeness of San Antonio Spurs three point specialist Matt Bonner into his head and got suspended.

Which cut is done better; Johnny Football or Matt Bonner?


Heisman Hopefuls Hair As Versatile As Playing Styles

Tonight, one of five finalists will be announced as the 2011 Heisman Trophy winner. And just like with style of play or position, each finalist has his own take on men’s grooming.  

Until recently Alabama’s Trent Richardson had sported dreds like fellow Heisman finalist, Baylor’s Robert Griffiin III, but shaved them off in favor of a tight fade. Speaking of fades, LSU’s Tyrann Mathieu has sported a dyed blond fade/faux hawk all season which actually typifies his playing style. Stanford’s Andrew Luck’s hair says all you need to know about him- short on flash or frills, he gets it done efficiently. Montee Ball’s hair is short, to the point and gets it done without much fanfare.

If I got a vote for the “Heisman of Hair” from this group, I’d vote Mathieu.


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