“Johnny Football” Haircut Edges Out “Matt Bonner” Haircut

Johnny Manziel is probably going to win the Heisman Trophy and deservedly so. This week, a high school student in Manziel’s hometown of Kerrville, Texas came to school with a sick haircut featuring the Texas A&M QB’s face carved into his head. The school overreacted, as they always do, but it’s a great cut.

And it reminded me- less than a year ago a student in Texas shaved the likeness of San Antonio Spurs three point specialist Matt Bonner into his head and got suspended.

Which cut is done better; Johnny Football or Matt Bonner?


Julio Jones cuts his dread and donates his hair

Here’s a pretty cool story.

Wide receiver Julio Jones, sporting a new haircut, continued to shine in the workouts.

“There is a little less weight on the top of his head with his dreads gone, but he’s had a very good camp for us as you saw today,” Smith said. “He made some very nice catches, and he’s been making those types of catches all through camp.”

For Jones, cutting his hair was about more than just a new look.

Gone are the dreadlocks that were a trademark for Jones through his first season in Atlanta and his collegiate career at Alabama.

Jones cut his hair and donated it to a charity that helps children with cancer.

“We do a lot of community service here, and from going to a lot of hospitals and seeing all the kids who are fans of mine, I just cut my hair and donated it for leukemia patients,” Jones said Wednesday.

Jones said he has run into a number of people who double-take in his direction, unsure if he is really the Falcons receiver. There are no plans to grow his hair out again.

The clean look has to be more comfortable during the hot summer workouts!


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