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College students looking to have fun and support their team cannot always attend live games. For those college kids who couldn’t grab Michigan Wolverines or Duke Blue Devils basketball tickets (or other school with high school spirit), throwing a party for the game is a great alternative. When throwing a sports party, games can last for hour with many breaks in between. The real question is, what is to be done during those breaks and after the game? Drinking games are a great way to get people to mingle and stay entertained. Below are few games that can liven up any sports party.

Beer Pong

This has become quite a popular party game. Only four people can play at one time in two teams of two, but the game can continue as a tournament. A long table is needed to set up ten cups in a pyramid fashion on either end. Players throw a ping pong ball in hopes of clearing the cups opposite them, thus getting the other team to drink more. Since this game takes up lots of room it is one that can easily be watched by other party goers.


For this game only shot glasses and quarters are needed. The number of glasses and quarters are adjusted to how many players there are. This game is generally played around a table, so seating can limit number of players. Players attempt to bounce the quarter of the table into the shot glass. The glass can only be passed to the next player when the shot has been made. If a player is passed over during their turn they must drink. This is a fast paced game that may be better earlier in the night rather than later.

Battle Shots

This is a game changes a simple child’s board game into a fun drinking game. This game can be played on the original Battleships game board or an at home DIY board. The instructions are the same as the regular board game except a shot is to be taken when a ship is hit. Shots of beer or smaller shots of liquor can be used depending on the time of night and state of drunkenness desired.

Get the Dealer

This is a very simple card game that can be played with any amount of people. One person starts with a deck of cards and participants guess the top card. If the first guess is wrong the dealer will say higher or lower. If the guesser is wrong they drink, if they are correct the dealer must drink. The deck of cards is passed to the next dealer when three players in a row guess incorrectly. Get the dealer is both simple and fun.


Categories is a flexible card game with lots of variety. Players simply draw a card; each card is given a meaning, really a mini game in itself. Categories are written down so the key can always be referenced. There are so many different options for categories that the game will never be the same twice. This also allows party guests to contribute their own categories or rules to the game.

Playing the different games is just a part of the party. Getting all the friends and fellow schoolmates together and supporting your teams is what it’s all about. Grab some quarters. Grab some ping pong balls. Grab some good drinks and food, and the party will be set for the night.


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