“Project Badass”: Biggie Haircut

Maybe I’m just easily impressed, but I think shaving a hip-hop icon into the back of your head is pretty badass. It doesn’t even have to be a hip-hop icon necessarily- it could be Don Henley and I’d still stare at it in wonderment, with mouth agape.

I think we’re all pretty familiar with hair grapics by now, see an example thanks to the former “Ron Artest” here if not.

But it’s evolved even further. Check out this link to a barber in Ohio who carves (no clippers used, purportedly) the profile of one Biggie Smalls into the back of a customer’s head.

“Project Badass”, anyone?


How To Fade Your Hair



Fades are cool when done correctly, but when they aren’t “faded” they can look more like a bowl cut. Anyone can shave your head, but there is a fine art to a proper fade, one that your friends won’t text your other buddies about when your poorly cut head is turned. Here, that art is explored in step by step fashion. Don’t be the guy waltzing around this summer thinking your “self-fade” looks good; it doesn’t.


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