How to Drive a Stick Shift

Drive a stick.

We’ve already covered the importance of tying a tie in a man’s life. Now it’s time for something even more practical: how to drive a stick shift. As with the tie, driving a stick shift is just one of those things that every guy should know how to do. Imagine the day your friend or father-in-law offers you the keys to his brand new Shelby or asks you to take the wheel of his Porsche. Do you want to have to say no? Worse yet, do you want to be the guy grinding the gears?

I thought not. Thankfully, Bullz-Eye has put together a quick set of tips for learning to drive stick. Of course nothing can substitute for time behind the wheel, so make sure you get some good experience before hitting the streets. Here’s a quick look at the guide:

If you’re an experienced driver, you’ve probably heard the benefits of driving an automobile that has a manual transmission. For starters (no pun intended), cars with stick shifts are generally very fuel efficient, which is obviously a bonus in today’s economy where the gas prices continue to rise. They also have fewer moving parts than automatic transmissions, require less maintenance and are easier to repair, which means they usually have longer longevity and cost cheaper.

Cars with stick shifts also respond better to the driver, which makes them safer (assuming the driver himself is safe). Due to the constant shifting and changing of gears, drivers have to focus more on driving, which means less time for texting, talking on the phone, or doing other dangerous activities that many people with automatic transmissions partake in.

For the actual tips about driving a stick shift, head over the Bullz-Eye Get Real Guide for Men.


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