What Are We To Make Of The Soul Patch?

Obviously Howie Mandel looks like a tool with it, as does Ty Pennington. But certainly there are some dudes who can rock a Soul Patch i.e., one Billy Zane, Guy Fieri, Chris Gaines…just kidding about Chris Gaines, just seeing if you were awake.

But what is the stat quo? More importantly, what do the ladies think? Who wouldn’t want a fine strip of man rubbing against their lip during a make-out session? The problem I ran into was finding any accumulated data regarding how the fairer sex feels about a man with a Soul Patch. Conversely, there was a never ending supply of dudes telling other dudes their feelings about rocking a Soul Patch. This one was probably the best.

Ladies, throw us a bone- to Soul Patch, or not to Soul Patch?


Billy Zane Is A Cool Dude

For an entire generation, Billy Zane made it cool to be bald again. Like a lot of men are forced to do, BZ endured a public battle with progressive baldness. Rather than cowering in the face of it and getting into a public “walk off” that he couldn’t possibly win (unlike one D. Zoolander) , BZ didn’t get sucked into the “comb over” or even the godforsaken “Spray On Hair.”

Maybe it was his defined jaw line, or chiseled facial features but Billy Zane rocked it and Hollywood embraced it.

If you’re going bald, take the Billy Zane route- he invented the “cool bald guy look.”  If it weren’t for Billy Zane, there would have never been a Jason Statham.


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