Will he stay or will he go? The LeBron James soap opera begins . . .

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You can bet that LeBron James and his impending free agency will be a big topic of discussion all through the summer in barbershops around the country. This topic will get even more discussion in places like Cleveland, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Miami as their teams have a reasonable shot at landing the superstar.

Many Cleveland fans characterize it as a question of character.

John Paulsen explains that leaving, like quitting, will be the easy thing for LeBron to do. There are also some bizarre rumors flying around.

Bill Simmons goes on a typical rant.

Kelly Dwyer let’s LeBron have it.

What do you think?


The Gordon Gekko look will be back soon

Michael Douglas had one of the more memorable hairstyles in movie history when he sported the slicked-back look in “Wall Street” back in 1987. Well, get ready for that look again, as Douglas reprises his role as Gordon Gekko in the sequel that just premiered at Cannes.

It doesn’t look like he wears it through the whole movie however. Here’s the trailer.

You can bet this film will start some barbershop discussions!


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