Old Spice Anti Perspirant & Deodorant reviews

Old Spice Logo.Old Spice is right in the mix of the fight against underarm odor with 4 targeted scents from their “Fresh Collection” of anti perspirants – deodorants. We had the chance to test Cyprus, Matterhorn, Fiji and Denali and I have to say they are all good scents that won’t offend guys out there with an overpowering fragrance (some of the competing products went overboard with too strong of an aroma that can be mistaken as a disinfectant). The protection from perspiration from Old Spice was there throughout the day and any underarm odor was kept at bay!

I found it amusing that all of the contaniers describe each scent using the word “Freedom”. Example: Denali – Smells like Wilderness, Open air and “Freedom.” Don’t get too caught up when Old Spice references “Freedom” as I really didn’t get that feeling from this product and I wasn’t anymore free than the day before. At the least I now know what “Freedom” smells like but don’t get too cocky thinking just because you now smell like “Freedom” that you are “free” to do as you please. Back to the product here….Old Spice produced good sticks for us guys’ and I plan on using them going forward.


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