Why Should You Wear A Tie Bar? Because They’re #Badass!

When you wear a suit and tie, you feel cool. It immediately steps your credibility up about 10 notches.

Babes notice. Dudes notice. Old people will tell you that you, “Remind them of their grandson.”

But what if your suit really looks like shit? If it looks the way a moth ball smells? If it looks like you raided your grandfather’s casket?

Accessorize, friend. Make the suit your own; improve the suit because you’re wearing it.

We covered cuff links a couple weeks ago. A tie bar is the easiest thing to wear and apply; it’s a clip you put on your tie.

As simple as it is, it makes you feel good and when you feel good, other people take notice.

YOU will be the guy who wears the tie bar.  And have the same effect Michael Jackson did in his video for “Billie Jean” leaving everything he touched better than when he found it.


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