Check Out This Sweet “Menu Fort”

This guy’s Menu Fort puts the “Men” in “Menu”.

If you’ve ever been out out to eat with a woman, then you can relate to this dude in the picture. Sometimes, you just get tired of looking at them. Other times, you’re just tired of hearing about “their day” or the women they work with.

All this poor guy wants is some attention- does he have to SCREAM it from the rooftops? The pink shirt is attention grab #1. He’s trying to show his versatility as a dresser, plus, looking comfortable in the color pink, neatly hinting that he is pleased with his sexual prowess. And she could be, too.

The Menu Fort is just an extension of his “Inner Child”. And she’s still ignoring him, actively texting with, presumably, the man she will hook up with after her free meal.

If you just can’t win, make a Menu Fort and let it all just recede into the background….


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