Anthony Davis’ Unibrow Wants You To Use Boost Mobile

In a new TV ad for Boost Mobile, New Orleans Hornets #1 draft pick Anthony Davis’ unibrow tells you its innermost thoughts about being “The most famous piece of eye hair in the world.? And of course, the new Gametime Plus app from Boost Mobile.

Davis famously took out a copyright on his unibrow last year. Unibrows are pretty gross, chicks don’t like them- if a regular citizen like you or I tried to rock the unibrow, we’d be chased through the town square with pitch forks and torches, treated like the freak we would be.

But if you’re a 7-foot stud NBA rookie fresh off winning the NCAA championship, men want to be your unbrow, while women want to be with it.

Check out the ad here. It’s voice sounds curiously similar to ESPN’s Marcellus Wiley.


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