Spring will bring plenty of sports action

February is always a dead zone for sports. After the Super Bowl, we’re left with college basketball, which is watched by very few people until March Madness kicks in, and the middle of the NBA season, which provides absolutely zero drama other than the perpetual soap opera in LA with the Lakers. Hockey isn’t even worth mentioning.

In many ways this is a welcome break as we can focus on other things, though that’s hard to do if you’re living up north battling snow storms. It’s a good time to get caught up on some books you want to read, or perhaps you can spend more time with your family. Frankly, you should earn some points with your wife or girlfriend during this time of year so they don’t bother you as much when the really good stuff hits.

So the upcoming flurry of compelling sports events that arrive every year around this time will be a huge lift for tons of fans looking to get back in front of the TV. We can expect traffic at fantasy sports sites and sports betting sites to skyrocket as events like The Masters, baseball’s Opening Day and March Madness start to fill up Sportscenter highlights.

Even though I don’t watch a ton of golf, I’ve always paid attention to The Masters since Larry Mize made that incredible chip shot in sudden death to win the 1987 Masters over The Shark. The look on Greg Norman’s face was priceless. Of course, he had more disappointments in the future, losing in heartbreaking fashion to Nick Faldo as well, so Norman never got his own green jacket.

The Larry Mize win was a thrilling moment, and this year we’ll have the perpetual debate as to whether Tiger Woods is really back. The interest in every golf event spikes if Tiger has a chance to win, and I fully expect him to be there on Sunday this year. Enjoy!


Mountain Dew Kickstart “Sesh” With BMX Pros Mark Mulville And Chad DeGroot

Image Credit: Rob Dolecki/DigBMX.com

When Mountain Dew gave me the opportunity to head down to Orlando, Florida for two days to learn how to ride bikes with professional BMX riders Chad DeGroot and Mark Mulville, I couldn’t shirk off the responsibilities of fatherhood, home ownership and general employment fast enough.

How do you “carve a bowl”? What’s a “drop in”? Why is a chick with a banana the most powerful thing in the universe? These questions and more, answered by pro BMX riders Mark Mulville and Chad DeGroot, HERE:


The Abomination That Is The Self-Tan

Has anyone who ever used a self-tanning product ever emerged out the other side looking better? Our friends at www.sportsdouchebags.com broached the subject under the premise that Lakers fans are the sports epitome of the self-tan. And judging by exhibit A, you’d be hard to argue against it.

Summer is fast approaching, but please, unless you’re a fitness competitor, don’t even think about applying tanning cream with your own hands.

Even if you’re a fitness competitor, please, at least put it on your head, too.


Product Review: Schick Xtreme 3 Hawaiian Tropic Edition

Even if they don’t want us to believe it, women need to shave too. We already know that they never sweat, but rather “glow,” and they never fart or have to use the bathroom.

But even they have unwanted hair that grows on a regular basis and needs to be maintained, when they travel or leave home, just like us. The Schick Xtreme 3 Hawaiian Tropic disposable razor was made just for them.

Chicks like things that smell good — this is a fact. So what did the geniuses at Schick do? They made a razor that has the womanly scent of coconut built right in that never diminishes or goes away, unlike a man.


BREAKING NEWS: Your Woman Would Rather Hang Out With Bruce Willis Than You

So, you really thought you nailed it out of the park on Valentine’s Day, huh friend? Well think again. Unless you are actually Bruce Willis you failed. It isn’t just a matter of opinion either, it’s raw scientific fact.

A recent Valentine’s Day survey commissioned by IMAX® Corporation (NYSE:IMAX; TSX:IMX) revealed that – of U.S. adults who would spend Valentine’s Day with a star whose movie is opening that day (Bruce Willis, Josh Duhamel or Jack O’Connell) – 68 percent would spend the evening with Bruce Willis, star of the upcoming action film A Good Day to Die Hard.

The survey, conducted online by Harris Interactive among more than 2,000 U.S. adults (18+) in February 2013, asked participants which of the following movie stars who have major movies coming out this Valentine’s Day they would most want to spend the evening with: Bruce Willis (A Good Day to Die Hard), Josh Duhamel (Safe Haven) or Jack O’Connell (Beautiful Creatures).

Additional findings showed:

· Men are more likely to choose Bruce Willis than woman (85 percent vs. 54 percent)

· Women are more likely to choose Josh Duhamel than men (40 percent vs. 13 percent)

And even if you ARE Bruce Willis, you failed too, because at this point, your woman is tired of you and your rugged sexiness. Guys, you just can’t win.

Unless you have a 10 inch wiener made of chocolate that sprays money and hate sports, you’ve got no shot.


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