Who Has Best Hair At The Super Bowl- Matt Birk Or Isaac Sopoaga?


In this video, players debate with their teammates during media week over who has the best hair in the Super Bowl.

Surprisingly, the name you hear from almost every Ravens player is Matt Birk.

But can he beat the 49ers Isaac Sopoaga?


Product Review: Schick Xtreme 3 Fitstyle Refresh

Compared to several of Schick’s other offerings, I wasn’t very impressed with the Xtreme3 Fitstyle Refresh. I found it to be incredibly stiff, like Newt Gingrich at a Wham reunion concert, because it didn’t move with the contours of my face at all.

According to the packaging the razor came in, the Fitstyle Refresh is the “#1 flexible blade disposable razor.” But I wouldn’t agree it all; I don’t even think it’s the #1 disposable razor in its own family, sort of like Emilio Estevez. There is no way it is better than the Schick Xtreme3 (Martin Sheen) or the Schick Hydro 5 Power Select (Charlie Sheen).


Patriots Season Over, Now Things Get “Hairy” For Welker

After an uninspired loss to the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship game, the Patriots face a slew of huge personnel decisions, but none bigger than what to do with wide receiver Wes Welker.

Welker famously began promoting a hair rejuvenation procedure called “hair restoration surgery” he undertook prior to the season to restore his hair.

Now that his hair situation is solid, where will he play next year? Fresh off receiving the Franchise Tag for this season, it is unlikely he would get tagged again next year for  roughly $11 million. But, at 32, is a long term deal in the works?

I’ve always found it interesting that Tom Brady and his perfect hair relied on Welker so frequently. In the hair hall of fame, Brady would be a first ballot inductee. But he wouldn’t have gotten there without Welker.

No matter what happens, Welker is a multi- million”hair” with great hair. He will be fine. But can we say the same about the Patriots?


This Dude Made His Hair Look Like The Baltimore Ravens Logo

Ravens fan James E. Long did his best impression of the Baltimore Ravens logo with his hair. It reminds me of this optical illusion because I just can’t seem to see it right. One thing that won’t be an optical illusion is seeing a Harbaugh brother on each sideline during the Super Bowl as they become the first pair of brothers to oppose each other on the NFL’s grandest stage.

And no one is happier than James E. Long.


Jack Passion- America’s Greatest “Beardsman”

There’s just something about a great beard that gets both the ladies, and fellow dudes, heads to turn. Jack Passion, who plays a large role in the men’s grooming documentary Mansome, explains it rather eloquently here.

Passion, considered by many to be America’s greatest “beardsman”, is the only American to ever win first place at the German Beard and Moustache Championships. He is also a multiple world champion in the “Natural Full Beard” category. Passion asserts in the film that a man’s natural state is to be bearded, and therefore should be embraced.

If you haven’t seen Mansome, you should.



Amir Johnson’s Shaved, Dyed Raptors Logo Into His Dome


Toronto Raptors power forward/center Amir Johnson recently had the teams logo cut and dyed into his hair.

What do you think? Where does the hair start and the tattoos end?


Product Review: Hanz de Fuko Hair Products

You don’t even have to know anything about men’s hair care products to know that Hans de Fuko is something you want to use. From the names of the products, to the graphic design employed on the packaging, it just feels good to use. You feel hip, contemporary and like you finally have your hair game under control.

And even if you don’t, Hans de Fuko has the product to look like you don’t have it under control either.


How to Really Love Your Girlfriend

Men have spent centuries trying to figure the complex female mind and desires. He spends his time and money attempting to win her heart, and feels like the luckiest guy in the world once he succeeds. You can be that guy if you learn a few ways to show the girl in your life that you really love her.

Make a Regular Date Night

She deserves a man that loves her and wants to show her off to anybody and everybody. Schedule regular date nights with her. Go to dinner together, see the latest movie and go dancing. It doesn’t really matter what you do as long as you’re doing it. She will love that you’re taking her out and showing that you’re invested in spending time with her. You don’t always have to go out. Sometimes you can stay in with her too. The key is that the two of you are together.

Buy Her Nice Things

Every girl loves it when the man in her life buys her nice things. Truly succeeding at this requires that you pay attention to her. What does she like? Figure out her interests and buy something around that. She may like jewelry, but if she mentioned a favorite book that she’s loved since childhood, lean more toward the sentimental. Find a first edition or signed copy of it. Things like this will mean far more to her in the long run. It shows your love, and that you listen to even the seemingly little things.

Share Your Heart With Her

A girl adores a man that know how to express himself. This doesn’t mean that you have to be feminine or girly. It simply means that you share with her the important aspects of your life. She wants to know why your job means so much to you. Tell her things about your past. It shows that you’re willing and ready to share every aspect of your life with her: past, present and future.

Do Something Over and Beyond

Sometimes, you need to make grand gestures of your love for her. It’s a wonderful thing when a man is willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. So, whip out that straight razor shaving kit, get dressed up and give her a night to remember. These are the types of dates you see from those dapper men in romance movies. You can be that guy, if even for a few nights in the year.

Make your girlfriend feel like the luckiest girl in the world by showing her just how much you love her on a daily basis. It’s the key to lasting, passionate relationships.


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