Marketing a barbershop in social media world

Like any small business, a barbershop’s success depends on many factors. Talent and hard work rank at the top, along with the ability to work well with customers. If you own a barbershop, you’re good at what you do and you love your work, you’ll probably do just fine.

Still, promoting your business is still important, and in today’s social media world you should be taking advantage of sites like Facebook and Twitter for promotional purposes. The key is letting your customer base be your marketing tool, and these social media sites make that possible. Of course you should consult with an expert in this area or do some research, but building out your “Likes” on a Facebook page for your barbershop for example can be a huge assets for your business.

Of course, old school tactics still work as well and can’t be ignored. Simple things like glossy brochures with full color printing can help attract new customers, and you can shop around online for the best prices like searching for print brochures at other stores on the web.

The key is finding the right balance for your business. So don’t just focus on the work. Put the time in to promote your business as well.


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