Do Something About Those “Man Hands”, Man

man with greasy hands and dirty finger nails

Got calloused, tough hands thanks to all that time breaking rocks for Mr. Slate down at the salt flats?

Check out a few tips here, man.


Top 5 Major League Soccer Hairstyles

Over the years, soccer has been accustomed to some pretty wild hairstyles, from the crazy locks of Carlos Valderamma and famous red-head Alexi Lalas.

The MLS has a few guys with notable hair of their own, these days. Check them out via this link.


Product Review: Old Spice Champion Collection

Sometimes, “smelf-confidence” can be misplaced. Maybe it’s that booger you have hanging out of your nose that you’re unaware of, your wife that’s overly “friendly” to your homies on game day, or just that funk that emanates from your body that you’ve gotten so used to you don’t even notice anymore.

While Old Spice can’t help you with your incompetence, or your slutty wife, it can help you with your scent. The Old Spice Champion collection has an Offensive Odor game plan that breaks down as follows.


‘The male makeup capital of the world’

South Korea has become the “male makeup capital of the world.” South Korean men spent $495.5 million on skincare last year, accounting for nearly 21 percent of global sales.

“I can understand why girls don’t like to go outside without makeup — it makes a big difference,” said Cho Gil-nam, a tall, stocky 27-year-old insurance fraud investigator in Seoul who starts important days by dabbing on makeup after finishing his multistep morning cleansing and moisturizing routine. He carries a multicolored cosmetics pouch so he can touch up in public bathrooms throughout the day.

American men- would this ever happen here, in the good old US of A?


MenScience Skincare Products At Fashon Week In NYC

You may not be aware, but Fashion Week is underway in New York City.  One of the more popular shows for his men’s wear collection is Asher Levine. The skincare for the models in his show was provided by MenScience.

For this show, each model had their skin prepped by MenScience Groomer Lillian Fonticoba before they headed into makeup.

The MenScience line is comprised of:

– MenScience advanced face tonic

– MenScience Eye Rescue Formula

– MenScience Anti Aging Formula

– MenScience Advanced Face lotion

For more information, click here.


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