US Olympic Athletes Tighten Up Their Looks With Gillette


Just days before competing in the London 2012 Olympic Games, USA Track and Field athletes Justin Gatlin, Monteo Mitchell and Darvis “Doc” Patton, enjoyed services in the Gillette Lounge at the P&G Family Home.

Additionally, Mike Dodd, silver medalist from the Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games, took a break from coaching Team USA’s Sean Rosenthal and Jake Gibb to get a shave and head massage. American sprinter Justin Gatlin got his beard tightened at the Gillette Lounge in the P&G Family Home just days before he competes in the 100m sprint. Darvis “Doc” Patton received a scalp massage at the Gillette Lounge in the P&G Family Home.

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Is The Jay Buhner Look FINALLY Out?

In the late 90’s and early 2000’s it was considered cool for guys who were “follically challenged” to shave their heads with a razor ( “Bic it down”) and then grow out a patch of their chin hair to resemble Jay Buhner, one of the best sluggers in MLB at that time. Chicks hated it (like they basically do with everything) but dudes loved it because it made them feel “tough”.

I hadn’t seen this look for a solid 7-8 years until I was at the grocery store two days ago. I was waiting in line at the register and a guy pulled up (better than pulling out- ZING) behind me and he was rocking the “Buhner”. The items in his shopping cart weren’t very “Buhner-esque” because there was no red meat or beer.

Has anyone seen a person in their neighborhood with this look? Or did it go out like Zubaz?


Product Review: Dreadnought Shaving Products


After the last product review I did ended up being somewhat of a dreadful experience, I’d be lying if I said a feeling of dread hadn’t since settled over me. I was really hoping the next product I tried wouldn’t lead me to another “dread” end. But alas, the shaving products from Dreadnought Shaving we’re anything but “dread” on arrival.

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Are cowboy hats making a comeback?

Popular culture often drives fashion and style trends. Just look at how “Mad Men” has affected styles for clothing and product design as many are inspired by the classic looks of the early 1960s. Another trend to look for has to do with cowboy hats, cowboy boots and the whole country and western look. Again, this is in part being driven by television, with shows like “Justified” and now “Vegas” starring Dennis Quaid driving the new/old look. I remember back in my college days (a long time ago), everyone on our Midwest campus had cowboy boots. I liked them as they made me look taller! It will be interesting to see how popular this look becomes.

Of course, in many part of the country, the cowboy hat and the country look in general has always been and will always be popular. If you’re into this look there are tons of great retailers, both online and off, that cater to this market. You can also find tons of deals out there if you shop around. Stores like cater to the classic country and western look, while there are many trendy retailers adopting the look.

In today’s world, the key to any man’s wardrobe is flexibility. If you’re at a slick hotel bar in New York City, you might want to go with the new, slimmer suits that hark back to the Mad Men look. But, as you know, you can also stand out by looking different, and some new cowboy boots or a cowboy hat will certainly grab the attention of the ladies. But these looks are great for every day use in particular. The key is mixing it up and being flexible. Don’t go with one formula. Try different styles and see which one fits you and your lifestyle, or the lifestyle you’re aspiring to have. Look the part!


Get Ready For An “Earful”, Gents

I come before you today a humbled man. And what is the culprit of my new-found humility? Ear Fungus. It sounds gross because it is, and I don’t want any of you to have to waste the time, $$$ and pain that I have on my new “roommate”.

After six trips to an ear specialist (ouch, my bunghole), lend me an “ear” so you can avoid  the perils that I have faced down. It may sound tedious, and stupid, but follow this link to “ear”adicate the potential for a humongous fungus taking up residence in your ear canal.

Oh, and using q-tips only pisses it off more.


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