Thanks To Anthony Davis Unibrows are IN, Right? WRONG

Just because Anthony Davis can rock a Unibrow, does that mean you should do it?

As the former proprietor of a once finely manicured Unibrow, I just always consider it in these terms; “Would I date/mess with/make out with a girl with a Unibrow?” The answer in my one way, completely self generated mental environment is always a sold “No”.

And based on this thread of unanimous “No” answers, it extends beyond the realm of my mind.

Don’t be the “Anthony Davis” of your neighborhood, dorm or cube farm.


Stuck In A Rut? Try The New Corona App

The Corona “Rut Buster” App allows users to create, customize and share a video montage with their Facebook friends who may need a little encouragement to bust out of their monotonous routines, open a Corona Light and start having some fun.

Upon receiving a “Rut Alert!” on their Facebook wall, the recipient can choose to “bust their rut” by selecting the post and revealing their personalized “Rut Buster” video. The recipient can then choose to create a response video or “bust out” another friend in his or her network.

Check it out here.


Product Review: Celsius Calorie Reducing Drink

Just when you think you’ve seen or heard of every angle to pitch a so-called energy drink, you hear another one. “Drink this to enlarge your wiener.” “Drink this to make women want you.” “Drink this to be (insert celebrity here).” But here’s a new one: “Drinking a can of Celsius will actually burn calories, just by drinking it.”

“Yeah right,” I thought. I grew up in the Tony Little and Body by Jake (or Body by “Joke,” as a former boss in the fitness industry used to say) era of amazing fitness products that showed results within milliseconds of actually using them.

Read the full review here.


Happy Father’s Day- Here Are Some Pictures Of Denise Milani

Dad, we know it isn’t easy and that on most days you have a thankless task. Mortgage paid? Check. Child Support on time? Check. Food in fridge? Check.

As Chris Rock once famously said, the least we can do is save the big piece of chicken for you until you get home– and most days even that doesn’t happen.

So, as a way to say “thanks” for making us, check out this awesome spread of an awesome babe, Denise Milani.


Product Review: Jack Black Grooming Products

The products from Jack Black will make the skin on your face so soft, it’s a virtual guarantee that if you use them and go to Florida, someone will eat 75% of your face. And who could blame them?

Read the full review here.


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