Button Down Collar Without A Tie; What’s The Protocol??

I was sitting in a meeting at my job watching the division manager lead a presentation. While gesticulating wildly, I watched as the unbuttoned collar on his button down shirt flipped and flopped with every movement, just like Mitt Romney at a campaign stop.

And I wondered aloud to myself; “What is the protocol for that?”

Obviously, with a tie the collar better be buttoned down or you’ll like an idiot. But what about sans tie? For the answer, I needed a random sampling. And for that, I went to this thread on catholic.com; because where else would you even go?

Based on a sampling of 56 dudes, 67.86% (38) of respondents said they still button them regardless of no tie.

What do you do, sir? Leave a comment below.


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2 responses to “Button Down Collar Without A Tie; What’s The Protocol??”

  • Paul the Barber says:

    It is always proper when wearing a button down collar shirt to button the tips. That’s why they make them with buttons. I offer free grooming consultations for my clients and their friends.

  • InGoodTaste says:

    Button-down Sea Island, Egyptian, broadcloth, brushed twill, from Sears (before they really started cutting corners), LandsEnd, Brooks Brothers, etc. have been a major part of my wardrobe for nigh on to 45 years. I only sometimes (and begrudgingly) wear a tie, but I ALWAYS button down the tips. Casual/informal doesn’t mean looking sloppy, unkempt or unpolished. Many of the younger generations don’t seem to comprehend that.

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